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Your ability to earn money is your biggest advantage. Your time is your most valuable resource.” Brian Tracy

Time tracking is the practice of recording and calculating the amount of time you spend performing your duties. One way to record time, including making an informed assumption, using Excel spreadsheets to display arrival and departure times, or employing software for personnel management and productivity at work is by using a time-tracking software. Not just any kind, but an effective one.

LogWork is the perfect and all-in-one solution you need as a freelancer, remote worker, or for your teams. LogWork software makes it much simpler to track time properly and promptly. With both free and paid time tracking capabilities, LogWork increases the team productivity. It offers a user-friendly and precise time tracking tool with the screen monitoring feature included that you can use to keep track of the hours spent on your project, clients, and team duties.

What Is Distinctive about LogWork?


On a computer, tablet, or smartphone, tracking your time is simple. On any mobile device, whenever you choose, you can keep tabs on your team’s productivity, track their working hours, and provide timesheet reports. LogWork is a quick and simple mobile interface for keeping track of your time and teamwork.


Tracking the working time and projects are made possible by precise and through integrations with your favorite web services such as Gmail, Asana, Trello, Jira, and many more.

You may integrate LogWork with the programs you use frequently. Through the browser extension, it supports more than 74 connectors, while via Zapier you can have more than 3000 integrations.


LogWork includes the screen monitoring feature that helps employers and supervisors check the activity of any worker in real time anytime and from anywhere. The system will take screenshots at the fixed intervals that can be set in the account.

Automate the Creation of Timesheet Reports

With LogWork, your timesheets won’t ever again have errors with duration, dates, or hours that cost you money. No more manually prepared timesheets and calculations, it helps you automatically generate colorful timesheets. These timesheet reports come in a variety of formats, such as PDF and Excel, and employee and client reports, among others.


Utilize LogWork to gain real-time information as a freelancer or about all of your teamwork. You may keep an eye on the team’s daily activities in real-time, as well as track employee productivity and app and website usage. You can examine a breakdown of the hours worked if you’re a freelancer. Teams and remote workers can use LogWork to observe who is working, understand work patterns, and spot potential project delays.


LogWork is a software for Windows and Mac that automatically and precisely tracks time and has an offline mode and idle time detection. You can benefit from a Free plan, cross-platform desktop software, productivity monitoring, employee monitoring, Excel timesheets, and PDF reports with LogWork.

For organizing and maximizing your time, the Logwork software is vital and indispensable. Are you interested in more features that it can provide? Please, browse our website for more details.