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If earlier in virtual casinos it was possible to play only with programs, today you can play live casino with a dealer. Online casino customers can play cards or roulette with a special training host. An attractive guy or girl leads the game, communicates with players, takes bets, announces the results. 

A live dealer provides a special atmosphere, creates an entourage, you feel like in a real casino. This is what the sites’ visitors lacked before.

Why is a live dealer game more interesting? 

It is more interesting to play as you get communication and independence from the RNG, which often causes players concern. You have the opportunity to observe every movement and action of the croupier. It is interesting to watch how a real person launches a ball, deals cards, etc. 

What games are available to players in online casinos with live dealers 

Today there are many such games, with a live dealer you can play games that are also available in a real casino: 

• Black Jack 

The croupier deals cards just like in a regular casino. This might seem like an advantage for players who can count cards.  

• Baccarat 

This game has significantly revived with the advent of a live dealer. True fans said that playing baccarat alone is very boring and uninteresting. The appearance of live versions returns its former popularity. 

• Roulette 

Live dealer roulette is very similar to playing in a real casino, but is different in speed. With a real person, the process will go slower than in the software version. But there are certain advantages in this: a spectacular launch of the ball, its characteristics knock on the wheel, the ability to hold your breath to watch its movements and stop in the sector. This is the atmosphere for which we love real casinos. 

• Wheel of Fortune 

The game appeared in a casino with live dealers relatively recently. An attractive host spins a bright wheel, and you follow the outcome of the game with trepidation. A girl or a guy will talk with the players, and announce the winning positions. 

How to communicate with a live dealer? 

In a casino with live dealers, you can talk in a chat. You just need to type your message. The dealer will see and read it, as well as take part in the conversation. 

Live casino advantages 

An online casino with live dealers is a cross line between an online game and a gaming session in the VIP room of a real casino. Playing with a live dealer has certain advantages: 

  • Possibility to watch every move of the croupier. 
  • Realistic recreation of the casino’s atmosphere: backgrounds, sounds, gaming tables, etc. 
  • High-quality, clear graphics, which enhances the effect of realism. 
  • RNG is not used in such casinos, the winnings depend on the will of chance. 
  • Communication with a real and attractive person. 

Shangri La is a platform where you will find more than 6500 slots and betting on sports. Of course, you can choose from hundreds of online livecasino games. Their popularity is growing every day. Players from all over the world appreciate the game with a live dealer and the atmosphere of a live casino.

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