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Five best weed farm games for mobile

The seeds of success

Are you looking for the best weed farm games for your Android device?

The rising popularity of marijuana has led to a surge of pot-related games making their way to the app store.

Some leave a bad taste in your mouth, while others brighten up your day and keep you coming back for more.

So which of these mobile games are worth playing when you’re toking on a stash grown from your best hybrid marijuana seeds?

Find out with our list of the five top cannabis cultivation games available right now on your mobile app store.

Let’s dig in.

Five best weed farm games for mobile

Below, we take you through the five best mobile games available on Android that let you raise weed for money. You’ll find a brief description of each of these amazing titles, along with a few features that make each one unique.


First released in 2017, Hempire is a cannabis cultivating simulator that allows you to grow marijuana in a variety of different ways. Start with a humble backyard operation, where you have to water your plants and harvest some sticky buds.

As you level up in this cannabis-friendly mobile game, you unlock new buildings to enhance your business. You’ll find new and exotic strains to grow and meet various characters along the way that offer you side missions.

Hempire’s graphics and smooth mechanics earn it a rightful spot as one of the best marijuana-themed mobile games around. You’ll need an internet connection to play it and around 80 MB of free space on your Android device. 

Weed Firm 2

Weed Firm 2 sends you back to college, where your character has to grow marijuana in his dorm room for money. It follows a similar progression to many mobile management games but with a few twists.

On this fictitious campus, marijuana is in serious demand. Buy cannabis seeds and find customers to purchase your premium bud. Just make sure you pay attention to your clients, as some might rat you out to the cops.

This weed farm game app looks stunning, with loads of small details and interesting characters to keep you busy. The application itself requires 67 MB of free space, as well as a constant internet connection to run.

Wiz Khalifa’s Weed Farm

If you’re looking for a relaxing idle clicker game with loads of personality, Wiz Khalifa’s Weed Farm is for you. You begin with a modest setup where you need to tend to your crops until they’re ready to sell.

Level up and collect coins to progress through this popular marijuana mobile game, unlocking a few iconic strains along the way. There are fun animations to brighten up the screen, plus a few encouraging comments from the legend himself.

You also don’t need an internet connection to play this game. Simply install the 77 MB application on your mobile device and get growing.

Weed Inc: Idle Tycoon

Fans of mobile weed farming games that give you full control over the growing and selling of your buds are in luck. This popular title from Metamoki will have you aiming for the stars as you cultivate the best cannabis around.

There are a variety of iconic strains to add to your dispensary’s menu and the ability to hire staff to lighten the workload. You can then expand your cannabis empire into different regions and even grow buds in space.

This weed farm game for Android features fantastic graphics and quality sounds to make your experience fun and enjoyable. Every week, there are also new events, ensuring you never run out of things to do.

Cheech and Chong Bud Farm

Help the legendary duo start a newly budding business in the quaint town of Hierba Verde. Like other cannabis-related games, you’re tasked with raising some potent marijuana while selling enough heavenly herb to stay in the green.

Upgrade your growing setup, and unlock new locations and strains to become the ultimate cannabis empire. As you progress through the various chapters, you’ll meet new characters to help you along your journey. Just make sure to avoid officer Stadanko.

This marijuana title for Android is free to play but features in-app purchases to help you advance quicker. You don’t need an internet connection to play this title; however, it will limit some of the features.

The seeds of success

There are loads of fun cannabis cultivating titles available on Android that let you grow marijuana and sell it for cash.

The mobile games on our list stand out from the crowd by offering smooth mechanics, gorgeous graphics, and enjoyable storylines. Each one puts you in charge of improving a dispensary and expanding your business to become the ultimate marijuana empire.

So which one of these weed farm games are you going to try? Pick your favorite strain of cannabis seeds and prove why you’re the ultimate pot tycoon.

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