Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

If you’re a property manager looking for new ways to attract tenants, then look no further. There are some things you are unable to change, like the overall price point and the location of your building, but you have more control than you might think when it comes to enticing prospective renters.

Write a strong listing
Straight off the bat, you need to write a strong listing. Most people look for new homes online and so you must write a compelling listing that makes people want to see the place for themselves. The listing should be descriptive and informative but not too wordy. Within the listing, you should make it easy to find your contact details. If writing isn’t your strong suit, consider hiring a copywriter.,57304321.html,57304435.html

Hire a photographer
Alongside an articulate and compelling listing, you need quality photos. They create visual interest and will give potential renters a real feel for the space. The photographs can make or break a sale. Due to this, it’s worthwhile hiring a professional photographer. The photos should be naturally lit and show all the great features the property has to offer. You can even include a video or virtual tour.

Attract tents with extra features
With the number of properties on the market right now, competition is fierce. So make sure you highlight all the extra features and add-ons the tenant can enjoy if they choose one of your properties.

A great add-on in today’s market is a parcel locker. What is a parcel locker? It’s simply a secure, and convenient package delivery and retrieval solution. It gives people a secure way to send and receive their packaging without using a concierge, all from the comfort of their building. This is sure to be a huge bonus for many tenants as shopping online has boomed in recent years. With most household shopping online at least once a week, it’ll also help you save time and money, as you’ll no longer need to collect parcels for your tenants. They can also be installed indoors or outdoors.

Other add-ons can include extra storage space, appliances, air-conditioning, heating, and items like dishwashers. Although you’ll need to pay for these items upfront, they’ll boost the value of the property and will yield long-term results.

Know the area
While you can’t change the area your building is in, you can highlight desirable local amenities to any potential tenants. People want to know they can access everything they need. Ensure you know where the closest shops, doctors, parks, and gyms are so can pass on that information. If there are any exciting landmarks or tourist spots in the area, be sure to make them known.

Go the extra mile
Lastly, if you want to attract new tenants, you must go the extra mile. Make an effort to schedule a viewing that works best for them, and take the time to chat and get to know them. This is not only in the interest of enticing tenants, but it’ll also give you a feel for them to ensure they’re a good fit. Being kind, hospitable, and flexible never goes amiss when you’re trying to attract tenants.