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Technologies assists in making the lifestyle of people better. The mattress is one of the fields that has seen its impact. No two people have the same requirement for the mattress. While some prefer a cool mattress, others look for durability.  To cater to the individual needs of people, there are several different technologies in which the best mattresses are made. 

These technologies are made according to the personalized requirement of the people. Learning about the different technologies will get you maximum comfort, happiness, and satisfaction from the mattress.

Why is sleep so crucial for one’s health?

Just like the food we eat, sleep is one of the most important sources of energy for our body. All our cells and tissues in the body get renewed at this time. Many of the important body functions take place during the sleep hours. For the efficient physical and mental functioning of the body, it becomes very important to give your body deep rest.

This can only be possible when the mattress that you are sleeping on is of the best quality. It should offer you enhanced comfort, proper alignment, uniform weight distribution, etc. to a person that gives you utmost relaxation and stress relief. 

Improved cognition abilities, digestion, assimilation, and cell and tissue regeneration improve the state of the person on physical and mental levels. It keeps blood sugar and hormone levels under safe limits. 

With a good night’s sleep, a person wakes up fresh, energized, and recharged. This is translated into better efficiency and productivity at home and the workplace. Proper sleep also helps in keeping several major diseases away that are caused by it. 

Different technologies in a mattress

Some different types of mattresses include spinal support coil systems, individual pocketed spring systems, orthopedic springs, VISCO-elastic memory foam, natural latex, convoluted air channel foam, high-density ECO foam, charcoal bamboo fabrics, bright cooling fabric, a hybrid mattress and several other types!

Sleepnight Plasspring

This is the new revolution in spring bed technology. Iron or steel-based spring coil mattress got introduced into the market in the 1990s. In the 1930s rubber-based latex mattresses got introduced into the market as highly comfortable, healthy, durable, natural sound, and safe mattresses to date. 

All later innovations in the mattress revolved around the enhancement of these two existing mattress innovations. Mattress based on plastering technology was made to provide high-end comfort, durability, and ergonomics. It has substituted the normal steel coil spring technology that is nowadays the most widely used spring mattress technology in the world.

Natural Latex

For comfortable and cozy sleep, you would require a responsive surface to get enhanced pressure relief and maximum support for the shape and the spine. Natural latex foam is highly versatile as it can easily fulfill all such needs effectively. 

With a customizable and layered design, this mattress is made to be highly soft, and firm.  It is available in a wide range of options on different sides or in between the layers. 

Unlike the other foam-based mattresses, natural latex breathes, which discourages the deposition of heat and moisture in the interior of the mattress. Latex is mostly anti-microbial, hypo-allergenic, and dust mite resistant which makes it the perfect material for people who suffer from allergies.  

The downside of a latex mattress is that it fails to transfer motion as most of the other inner springs do. In this way, it won’t provide any disturbance to the partner. Mattresses last for a long time when made with natural latex while maintaining their shape and resilience.

VISCO Elastic Memory Foam

Memory foam mattresses adjust themselves to the body weight and heat of the sleeper. So, as the temperature starts to increase, this mattress becomes soft and provides a good night’s sleep to the user. Memory foam mattress offers a wide range of benefits to a person. 

It not just relieves one from body pains but also reduces body aches and soreness. This is done by displacing pressure along the entire length of the body of the person. This assists in the quick recovery of a person. 

Memory foam assists the sleeper in attaining an ideal sleeping posture. It is done by providing proper alignment of the spinal cord at the time of lying down. Sleeping in this state resolves a wide range of issues associated with the spinal cord.

Memory foam mattress provides relief from various types of allergies. This mattress is made using polyurethane foam that is made up of inorganic fibers. It helps in preventing dust mites from settling deep inside the mattress and causing allergies. 

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