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The acronym “CAM” stands for “computer-aided manufacturing” software, which is what CNC machines utilize. Having access to this kind of software is crucial for engineers and machinists alike.

Here is a list of some of the most extensively used CNC programming softwares, all of which are computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software used in the process of coding CNC machines like FANUC CNC.

CNC Code Generation (CNC Programming)

CNC, which stands for “Computer Numerical Control,” is a programming language used to direct CNC machines. In order to construct an item, the CNC machine must follow these instructions.

The amount of automation attained by the machines and the efficiency of the manufacturing process might benefit greatly by following these programming guidelines.

The CNC program codes are generated using a variety of software programs that are selected based on the needs and design of the created product or device.

CNC machine programming software


Although MasterCam is now a CAD tool, it was originally thought of and developed as a 2D CAM system. In those days, it allowed users to construct virtual parts of a machine on their screens with little effort.

It was also used in the industrial sector for the purpose of controlling computer numerically controlled machine tools; however, it has since experienced extensive improvement and is now mostly utilized with the CAM/CAM package around the world.

This Windows-based application has evolved into a CAM/CAD package used for 2D/3D product design, as well as turning, milling, EDM wiring, solid and surface modeling, and more.

This software has a library of predefined tool paths for a variety of common operations, including drilling, contouring, peel milling, high-speed surface milling, engraving, and more, which may be accessed by other programs looking for answers to particular issues.


Once known as Unigraphics, the application is now more often known as NX. NX is a powerful and all-encompassing CAM/CAD/CAE program that can also do hybrid modeling. Intricate-free shapes may be constructed, in addition to traditional geometric elements.

As an added bonus, it may be used to streamline the process of making components for CNC machines by combining surface modeling and solid modeling into a single application. Some further applications of this program are:

With the use of law curves and laws, which can be seen from inside the application, this CNC software is able to control a broad range of model parameters and record a primary log through journal files.


It boasts the finest CAD capabilities and integration of any CNC programming software, along with superior toolpaths, a better simulator, and a user-friendly interface. One of the greatest, in fact.

This application supports 2D and 3D milling, as well as 4/5 axis milling, so users won’t have to switch software to create and test CAM tool paths. It’ll be considerably less of a hassle to utilize the program now.

This software can bridge the gap between SOLIDWORKS and fusion 360, giving you access to more sophisticated design tools in both programs.

Using HSMWorks as your CNC programming software will enable you to make deeper cuts thanks to its ability to keep the angle of tool engagement constant. Not only does this prevent the equipment from being damaged due to overload, but it also frees up valuable working time.

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