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We are one of few lash academies worldwide that offer an online lash Master Course! This course teaches you how to complete all 4 lashing techniques in ONE course! (Classic, Hybrid, Volume AND Mega Volume). This online course is perfect for someone that wants to learn at their own pace and do so from the comfort of their own home! Our Master Course is also perfect for those who have no experience and are looking for a place to start and succeed in the lash industry! 

This course includes a starter kit valued at $200, containing supplies for your first 20-40 clients! Upon course purchase you will be granted access to over 30 instructional videos containing all of the hottest lash tips and tricks! A FREE starter kit will be mailed to you so you can start your new career and begin your lashing journey! Following successful completion of J Lash Academy’s online lash course you will be awarded a certificate that will allow you to work out of salons, studios and from home! It is our goal to see you succeed as lash educators, therefore we are fully licensed and insured and all of our lash courses are fully accredited!

The consequences of a lash lift and tint commonly last somewhere in the range of six to about two months. That is two entire long stretches of exquisite, easy lashes for your clients! Interestingly, extensions require filling each two to about a month on average.It’s elusive falsies that look regular. But since lash lift medicines work by improving the lashes the client has as of now, they have a delicate and regular appearance. For clients that like to keep it genuine, lash lifts are a significant help. Lash lift and tint systems give an upgraded look and your eyelashes look prettier.

One more advantage of lash lift and tint medicines for your clients is that they require insignificant aftercare and support. Every one of your clients need to do to keep up with their lifted lashes is keep them clean, try not to utilise cruel items on them, and apply Olaplex Aftercare Mascara day to day, which sustains and hydrates the lashes to keep them smart for the term of the develop out period. Of course, they ought to likewise come by your salon each six to eight weeks for another lash lift and tint.

A lash lift and tint method will last you longer;

Contrasted with other lash medicines, lash lift and tint are truly reasonable. Lash lift and tint therapies are likewise uncommonly speedy, making them an incredible lash upgrade for clients with occupied and feverish timetables. Most lash lift medicines take under an hour from beginning to end. A lash lift and tint endures significantly longer than a fast twist from an instrument or swipe of mascara every day. We’re talking 6 to about two months longer! Prepare to partake in an improved magnificence standard, in addition to a new, revived look.

The Lash Lounge administrations really do require a touch of TLC with regards to upkeep, however with a lash lift, there’s very little at all you want to do to hold your new lift under control. The main thing that is an unquestionable requirement: coming in every 6 two months to revive that lash lift and tint!

With a lash lift and tint you won’t have to apply extensions to the client’s regular lashes. All of our lash lifting kits work by perming, setting, and then feeding the lashes. Whether you incline toward the permania kit or the Dolly kit, your clients will be glad with their outcomes. These kits expand on your clients’ normal excellence and upgrade their lashes for a mind blowing look! For clients who are reluctant to attempt lash extensions, suggest that they appreciate normal lash lift and tint benefits, all things being equal!

One of our number one lash lift and tint benefits is that they’re intended for practically every sort of lash. Indeed, even clients with really short or super slender lashes can in any case see a tremendous distinction from a perming and lifting treatment. A lash lift and tint can make each sort of lashes look longer and thicker than they did previously!

Not every person normally has lashes that twist up into the clouds from their eyes. You might have seen that a few client’s normal lashes are straight or even face downwards. A lash lift helps these sorts of lashes the most in light of the fact that the new point takes them from looking squat and short to showing up longer and more full. Simply changing the point a smidgen can have an enormous effect!

On the off chance that you’ve been using a lash styler for quite a long time, now is the right time to throw it out!

We previously referenced that lash lifts benefit normal lashes, yet it merits saying once more. The medicines are faster and simpler than extensions. They likewise make an extremely regular search for clients who incline toward a more unobtrusive vibe.Your clients are presumably exceptionally occupied, and lash support may not be the main thing on their rundown. If they have any desire to feel glitzy without additional aftercare, lash perms and lifts are an extraordinary decision. The advantages of lash lifts incorporate more full, thicker lashes with negligible use. For more information visit here