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Kosher summer vacation

Kosher vacation travelers are lucky to live at a time when kosher food is so readily available. Going on vacation, for kosher travelers, used to mean schlepping canned goods and non-perishable food items. Today, it is possible to travel to many vacation destinations around the world without having to worry about the availability of kosher food. There are many more kosher restaurants in cities around the world than there were 20 years ago. There are also Chabad houses in the most out of the way and exotic locations. There are usually Shabbat meals available at these Chabad houses and sometimes food during the week.

If you want to go on vacation where there are no kosher restaurants or Chabad (although that is hard to find these days) then you might be able to find a kosher tour to the destination of your choice. By joining a kosher summer vacation tour, you can travel to interesting places without having to worry about food. There are many great options for organized kosher vacations or kosher hotels this summer.

Kosher summer vacation in Italy

There are several kosher hotels in the Lake Garda area in northern Italy for summer 2022. There are stunning views of the mountains, hikes and activities in the area. It is also perfectly located for day trips to other parts of the country.

Kosher summer vacation in Iceland

Organized kosher tour in Iceland allows you to enjoy this amazing experience without worrying about kosher food. The weather is still cool even though it is summer with average temperatures between 50 and 55 degrees fahrenheit. You can enjoy the waterfalls, beaches, islands and beauty of the country.

Kosher summer vacation in Morocco

There are several kosher summer vacation programs available in Morocco – Mazagan Beach and Agadir. The programs are at resort hotels with all of the amenities. Enjoy the pool, beach, spa and golf course. They have lectures, entertainment and day camp for the children. There are many exciting day trips to nearby attractions, cultural sites and Jewish heritage tours.

Kosher summer vacation in South Africa

Tour the local sites of Johannesburg and Cape Town. Visit the penguin colony, Seal Island and Cape Floral region in Cape Town. From Johannesburg, visit the Safari Elephant Sanctuary, drive through the Pilanesberg Safari and Lion Park.

Kosher summer vacation in France

There are a couple of kosher summer tours to the French Alps. The programs offer gourmet food, lectures, kids club and entertainment. There are many outdoor activities nearby to entertain the entire family. The fresh mountain air is great for mountain biking, rock climbing, paragliding and exploring the local area.

Kosher summer vacation in Cyprus

Cyprus has a year-round kosher hotel in the heart of Paphos. Enjoy a kosher family vacation on the beach with options for local trips and attractions. Take a safari trip in the mountains, cruise the Blue Lagoon, guided nature hike or spend the day at the local water park.

Kosher summer vacation in Switzerland

Enjoy the stunning views of the mountains from St. Moritz. Enjoy the hotel’s amenities but be sure to get out for some activities: hiking, sailing, windsurfing, tennis, golf, horseback riding and many even skiing on the glaciers.

Kosher summer vacation in Austria

The town of Seefeld is strategically located near local attractions and is not far from Italy and Germany. Tour the local towns or take day trips to the Swarovski factories, Innsbruck Valley, Brenner Pass and the Dolomites. Visit nearby waterfalls, castles and palaces.

Kosher summer vacation in Prague

Kosher hotel in the center of the city, ideally situated to visiting all the local sites: Prague Castle, the Charles Bridge, Old Town Square. There are also local Jewish heritage sites nearby, such as the Jerusalem Synagogue and the Jewish Quarter.

Kosher summer vacation in Brazil

Travel to different cities around the country to see the local sites. Visit the national parks, walk around the Copacabana district and tour the city of Buzios.  Don’t worry, there will be free time to spend time on the beautiful beaches.

This is just a sampling of some of the kosher vacation destinations for summer 2022. There are kosher vacation options in Portugal, Spain, Norway, Costa Rica and Romania. There are also many kosher cruise options. There are cruises to the Norwegian fjords, Mediterranean cruises, Greek island cruises and Jewish heritage cruises. 

There are kosher vacation possibilities in different parts of the world. There are many options throughout Europe, whether you want an organized tour, cruise or stay at a kosher hotel and plan your days to suit your family. Some people are looking to just chill on the beach while other are looking for more action. There are options for vacations with a lot of outdoor activities as well as organized tours with detailed itineraries. There are kosher summer vacation to suit different budgets and different types of vacations. You need only to choose what part of the world you want to visit and find the type of vacation to suit you and your family.

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