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Would you like to realize your skin tone? In the present article, we will share subtleties of the Korean PersonalColor Test. Around the world; individuals love to wear dresses as indicated by their skin tone. Skin shading assumes a huge part in choosing the shading which will suit your body.

We will see steps that are needed to follow to step through the examination. We will likewise disclose to you the upsides of knowing your own tone and what blemishes are featured on the off chance that you are uninformed of it.

What is Personal tone?

Individual tone is the special shading which is normally utilized in the design business. It causes us to decide the shade of garments and make-up that will add appeal to our character. The testing depends on your eye tone, hair tone, and appearance.

Korean Personal Color Test is an approach to know your own tone. We will disclose to you how to perform it, so continue with your perusing.

By knowing your remarkable shading you can fill your closet with the best outfits. In the event that you are unconscious of your special tone, your specific imperfections eventually feature on your skin. This incorporates wrinkles, lopsided skin tone, though wonderful tone can make you look new and flawless. In Korea most ladies know about their skin tone.

How to play out the Korean Personal Color Test?

Take a gander at your wrist and attempt to know the shade of your vein. It is possible that it would be green or blue. Green represents warm and blue represents cool.

Presently check which shade of lipstick suits you the most, peach or pink. You need to apply the two tones all the rage and check which side of your skin looks more splendid. In the event that peach shading suits you the most, at that point it represents warm and pink shows cool.

Presently check the shade of the top that looks great on you ivory or white? White addresses cool, and ivory addresses warm.

Is your hair earthy colored or dark? Since Korean Personal Color Test likewise checks the hair tone to realize your skin tone. On the off chance that your hairs are dark, your skin tone is cool in any case warm.

Out of green, earthy colored, orange or pink, blue, red, which shading looks more brilliant on your nails? Earthy colored, green, oranges show warm tone.

Presently, decide the shade of your skin. Yellow will show warm, and pink will demonstrate cool.

The last advance is the assurance of the kind of character. In the event that you are flawless or hot, your skin tone is warm, and on the off chance that you look guiltless, your skin tone is cool.


We have shared seven-question which are remembered for Korean Personal Color Test. By noting them effectively, you will come to realize your skin tone. When you know it, you can utilize your skin tone to pick hair tone, nail paints, and gems.

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