Sun. Jun 23rd, 2024

Sequal Eclipse is a portable oxygen concentrator with the highest pulse rating in its range, making it a revolutionary machine across the globe.

In this article, we will walk you through the details of the Sequal Eclipse oxygen concentrator to guide you on its specifications & features that make it one of the most popular concentrators in India.   

Sequal Eclipse has an overall weight of 8.30 Kg and delivers up to 9 pulse flow settings, as well as a continuous flow up to 3 LPM with the oxygen purity of 90% +5.5/-3%. Due to its wide pulse settings, the concentrator is suitable for most patients. Moreover, the machine can be used 24/7 while it is plugged into a power source. However, its weight becomes a restriction for carrying it around the house or outdoor.

The oxygen concentrator produces sound at 48 dB at 3LPM continuous flow mode and 40 dB at a 3.0 pulse dose setting. The sound level is at par with the industry standards and not an overpowering sound for those users who prefer the low sound. Sequal Eclipse has a battery life of hours at 2 pulse settings and 2 hours of battery life at 2 LPM continuous oxygen flow. It comes with a battery and removable cart with a telescopic handle to manage easy one-handed transportation. But the machine comes with a roller cart which provides mobility assistance around the house. Its battery rechargeable time varies between 1.8 to 5 hours, depending upon the usage and flow. Moreover, it can be operated which it is recharging. 

The front panel of the Sequal Eclipse concentrator is equipped with ON/OFF buttons, indicators, an intuitive screen display, showing flow settings, a delivery mode button and +/- buttons to set the flow rate. The machine has a built-in oxygen purity analyzer, adding to the safety feature.

The oxygen concentrator works on both AC power supply and DC automotive power supply giving it the benefit of taking it anywhere. Its revolutionary CAIRE’s autoSAT Technology allows for adjustable bolus rise time and adjustable trigger sensitivity. It comes with some essential accessories such as a roller cart, nasal cannula, carry bag, AC charger, DC charger and battery. 

This portable oxygen concentrator has US FDA, FAA and CE certification, to authorize it for in-flight use and give it a mark of user reliability and high quality. 

This USA-made oxygen concentrator offers a warranty of three years to its customers in India, with good after-sales service, hence giving the concentrator a hassle-free use for a long time. However, the only disappointing feature of Sequal Eclipse is its large size and weight, hindering easy mobility. 

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