Fri. Jun 21st, 2024

Usually, popups are used to increase page views, generate leads, retain users on-site, and help to create the email list. If the popups are not used properly, then it causes the dislike of the website by users, and in some cases, they also leave the website without exploring. This is the reason why some users complain about obnoxious popup makers that are considered irrelevant and intrusive. 

The use of effective popups is the best way in the business that is used to create the important message that you want to share with those who are liked to visit your website. This is where convertpath comes. It automates the personalization of an online site to offer tailored content to your visitors that move your leads more deeply and generates conversions. 

One of the best and most innovative tools for lead generation is the popup maker. This tool permits you to rapidly and easily create the good popup that is later pasted on-site with a few clicks in very less time. 

Popups in simple steps

Here we are providing you the guide to creating the popups for lead generation by following the 3 easy steps given below. There is no need to have the skills or strategies to make the popups if you have the three following facts. 

Select the template: Within the library of more than the 20 available templates, there are huge options for it, it means. Newsletter popups, product promotions, event promotions, cookie bars, and many more. 

Customize the template: Each element of the selected template can be easily changed to match the style of the existing site. Add images, add popup forms to popup makers, edit texts, and move the element to make a suitable layout. 

Copy-paste of the snippet: once you complete your editing, then you only need to simply copy and paste and code to your website. There is no need to use the plugins and any cents of the money to anyone to do this step for you. 

An additional feature of the popup makers

As you know, the option of popup makers as the lead generation tool by convertpath will able to provide a large number of tools for the online targeted games and reach a high level. The advanced feature of the popup makers permits you to feature the additional products by simply pasting them to the website. Creating countdowns and collection forms, displays are performed in the lead generation with just in few clicks. There is no necessity for experience and coding knowledge required. 

  • It helps to automate the product information
  • It gives the RTL support
  • It provides the countless animation options
  • It offers the extensive fonts library
  • It is used as a countdown timer when lead generation tools are used. 
  • It works well with the integration of popups with Google forms
  • It is implemented under the short code of Java.