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Possum Catcher’ Possum Catcher’

People regularly blame them for things they didn’t do including tipping garbage cans or killing chickens. A lot of the time the handiest main grievance humans have about them is simply that they are there. Possum catchers normally don’t tip the trash cans or dig up gardens; however they regularly forestall to clean up the mess left by any other animal and get all of the blame.

Possums Are Gentle Wild Neighbors

Possums are peaceful animals that select no longer to combat although they’ll hiss, growl, or even bite if cornered. It is more likely that the opossum will faint or “play dead” at the chance of a war of words.

This physiological response is involuntary and automatic. The pressure and surprise of the encounter actually triggers a comatose country which could remain everywhere from 40 mins to four hours. The opossum’s frame becomes limp, its front feet from tight balls, its lips are drawn back, and drool runs from its mouth. The animal may be poked, grow to become over, or even over excited without response.

Perhaps the most extraordinary aspect about the Possum Catcher’ elaborate bluff habit is that it mimics not only the arrival, however the odor of a dead animal.

People generally tend to suppose Opossums are unclean and disease ridden but it’s miles really just the alternative. Opossums are extraordinarily clean. They are opportunistic scavengers who luckily ease up after themselves and anybody else. Possum Catcher will eat almost whatever such as, however not limited to:

  • cockroaches
  • crickets
  • beetles
  • slugs
  • snails
  • rats
  • mice
  • over-ripe fruit
  • remains of useless animals
  • snakes

Possums Are Important Allies In the Fight Against Lyme.

Like maximum small and medium sized mammals, Opossums are hosts to ticks. What makes Opossums unique is that they are outstanding at finding and killing most ticks that hop on looking for a blood meal. According to Rick Ostfeld, author of a e book on Lyme ailment and senior scientist on the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies, Possum Catcher kill greater than 95% of the ticks that attempt to feed on them and may kill about 5000 ticks in a single season!

Surprised? So had we. Apparently, Opossums are meticulous groomers who’re very good at sniffing out the stowaways.

Hold The Key To Curing Snake Bites

In addition to ticks, Possum Catcher additionally consumes some toxic snakes and this has brought about them to broaden a resistance to snake venom. Scientists are presently seeking to isolate the factor liable for this wonderful model. Given that an expected 94,000 humans die of snake bites every year, this would be a quite massive contribution on the a part of the Opossum.

How Can You Help possums?

The satisfactory component you can do to help opossums is be their advocates. Partly due to their looks, and partially due to their affiliation with garbage, human beings generally tend to dislike them and oftentimes opossums are attacked due to it. An alarming wide variety of Possum Catcher come to be sufferers of animal cruelty.