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Kegel exercises are movements to strengthen the lower pelvic muscles. Initially, this exercise became the choice of certain people who want to restore pelvic strength. However, at this time, this exercise is also done by all circles. The reason is that this exercise has many benefits, both for women, men, and pregnant women.

These benefits are not only for the restoration of organ function after certain situations but also for improving the body’s abilities in general. For more details, we will discuss the benefits and exercise for women, men, and pregnant women.

Kegel Exercises

Compared to men, women are already familiar with this one gymnastics. However, usually, this exercise is only used as a postpartum recovery solution. This exercise can provide benefits beyond that.

Benefits of Kegels for Men

Not only for women, this exercise also has many benefits for men. Currently, it is not uncommon to see men undergoing this one gymnastics activity. What are the benefits that men can feel from this exercise?

1. Increase the strength

This exercise can increase the penis when it is erect. The reason is, by training the pelvic muscles, blood flow to the penis will be smoother. Therefore, if you want a harder erection, this exercise can be a solution that is worth trying. Also look at xinghaoya

2. Prevent premature ejaculation

Trained pelvic floor muscles can help men hold back ejaculation. Thus, physical activity can last longer and be more satisfying. That is why this Vidalista is often an option to improve the quality of intimate relations between couples.

3. Prevents residual urine when urinating

When urinating, men often feel that there is residual urine that has not come out. If the pelvic muscles are trained, you can push the remaining urine out so that urination is smoother and more complete.

4. Maintain prostate health

This exercise can be a solution for men who want to improve their prostate gland. In addition, this exercise can also be used as therapy for recovery after surgical removal of the prostate gland. Cenforce 100  can be a solution for Ed.

Benefits of Kegel exercises for women

1. Tighten vaginal muscles

Increasing age and lifestyle factors can impact decreasing the strength of a woman’s vaginal muscles. This happens because the blood flow to the pelvic floor muscles is blocked. This one exercise can expedite the blood flow again so that the muscles in the vaginal area are getting tighter.

2. Prevent uterine decline

A descending uterus, also known as uterine prolapse, is a condition in which a woman’s uterus is not in the right place. This is created by a weakening of the pelvic floor muscles. Usually, this condition is experienced by women who have given birth or have gone through menopause. Kegel exercises can be a solution to prevent it.

3. Improves bladder control

If a person does not have good control of his bladder, the person is usually unable to hold his urine. This can be difficult in some situations where you are unable to pass urine, such as on a trip or meeting someone. Although it is not recommended to hold urine for too long, you need to train your pelvic muscle strength, so you don’t easily urinate in urgent situations.

4. Increase satisfaction during love

This exercise can also make women more sensitive to stimuli around the vagina. With increased sensitivity to stimuli, a woman can get more satisfaction during intercourse. That is why this Vidalista 60  and Cenforce 200, are often used as a therapy to improve the harmony of husband and wife in bed.

5. Prevent hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids or hemorrhoids are a disease that can be experienced by both men and women. The cause is the dilation of blood vessels in the anal area. Kegel exercises are believed to reduce the risk of this disease because it trains the strength of the lower pelvic muscles to maintain the condition of the blood vessels in that area.

Some tips for doing Kegel exercises for women.

This exercise can be done in a position, sitting, or lying position. We recommend doing it while lying down with both knees bent. Super P Force can help improve for men.

Find the location of the pelvic floor muscles by tightening the lower muscles like when you are holding back urination.

  • Feel the contractions.
  • Those are your pelvic floor muscles
  • Try to tighten it for 3 seconds without holding your breath and abdominal muscles
  • Rest for 3 seconds
  • Repeat for 10 times
  • Do it regularly 3 times a day

How to do Kegel exercises for men is no different from what women do.