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Judge for Yourself

Consistently in Queensland, our courts sentence individuals who have violated the law. Yet, have you at any point considered how judges and justices choose what sentences to give? It’s mind boggling.

Judge for Yourself involves four intuitive legal disputes dependent on genuine occasions, addressing crafted by the Magistrates, District, Supreme and Childrens Courts in Queensland.

You definitely realize the wrongdoers are liable. They comprehend they have overstepped the law.

You must pay attention to the conditions of the case and Judge their sentence—Judge for yourself!

You will:

discover the kind of cases each court hears

find out about condemning direction judges and justices need to comply with

find out about the jobs of the indictment, protection, judge and officer

see current realities of the culpable through the eyes of the courts, guilty parties and casualties

pass sentence on the wrongdoers.

Think condemning is simple? Hear the legal dispute. Choose the sentence.

Judge for Yourself exercise manuals

Our Judge for Yourself exercise manuals step instructors through how to run a Judge for Yourself meeting with their group more than two exercises and give learning practices that attention on key educational program regions utilizing lawful standards from each legal dispute.

Schooling meetings

We offer free, intuitive Judge for Yourself meetings to Queensland understudies and local area individuals — giving a significant and credible knowledge into the criminal equity framework and the perplexing undertaking of condemning wrongdoers.

The meetings are intended to show Queenslanders there’s something else entirely to condemning than is frequently displayed in their number one wrongdoing show or the evening news release.

Accessible to secondary schools and colleges conveying metro, legitimate, equity and media examines projects, and local gatherings inside a two-hour drive of Brisbane, Judge for Yourself allows members an opportunity to hear current realities of a genuine legal dispute and pass sentence on the guilty party.

Judge for Yourself gives teachers great exercise content that upgrades understudy finding out about the court framework.


A booklet, Judge for Yourself: a Guide to Sentencing in Australia, distributed by the Judicial Conference of Australia (JCA), is accessible from the JCA at $2 per booklet in addition to postage. For duplicates contact the JCA at [email protected].

A Tasmanian report has investigated members of the jury to check popular assessment on sentences and condemning. Utilizing attendants is a method of examining the perspectives on individuals from the public who are as completely educated regarding current realities of the case and the foundation of the wrongdoer as the adjudicator. In view of members of the jury’s reactions from 138 preliminaries, the examination discovered the greater part the hearers overviewed recommended a more tolerant sentence than the preliminary appointed authority forced.

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