Fri. May 24th, 2024

Looking for a job search takes a lot longer than expected – and a lot longer than you can actually afford? Feel stuck on a job market? Starting to get frustrated and seems there’s no end in sight in finally landing a job? 

Here are the seven pieces of advice to help avoid giving up and get you back on track. 

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  1. Keep your confidence up

This may come off as unobvious at first glance, but there is a reason we’ve ranked it top of the list. It is vital, so keep reading!

Let us break this down: first and foremost, high morale is a backbone of your job search. A healthy dose of confidence carries any situation that involves its fair share of uncertainty.

For example, think of it as if you do skateboarding: you need good starting speed and solid balance in order to be able to execute the neatest board tricks. 

Do whatever makes you pumped up for the day. Spend time with people you enjoy being with the most. Do whatever always lifts you up the most.

Raise and nurture unconditional love to yourself. Remember: you deserve the good stuff.

You see, it is no rocket science that when we feel down, we tend to underestimate ourselves and consider our skills and abilities inferior to the level they are actually on.

This leads us right into #2 on our way up:

  1. Avoid selling yourself short

While at a low point in your life, some of the side effects of confidence loss include: 

  • Considering yourself underqualified for jobs you’d normally excel at;
  • Being gutless at job interviews;
  • Missing opportunities to build value to your potential employer;
  • Lowballing yourself at an interview and for less than you’re worth.

Do you see how huge of an impact it all has on your chances of getting hired, on fair conditions, with good pay?

Lowering your standards may seem an option to have ‘at least something that pays the bills’ but resorting to the underpaid, unfulfilling and dissatisfying job won’t benefit you in the long run. You get the point.

If you can afford it, don’t settle for less. Keep looking until you find the job you’d love doing, for as much as it really costs. 

Make no mistake, lack of confidence won’t get unnoticed by recruiters. After you learn to combine a positive mindset with confidence-building techniques, you’ll make an impression of a much more valuable asset.

  1. Treat searching for a job like a job

Stay consistent on your quest. Under stress you may find yourself demotivated – and in order to succeed, you need to make discipline your magic stick, your go-to virtue and a fair substitution to motivation. And as if that’s not enough, it’s hard to find a bigger game changer than replacing motivation with discipline at everything you do.

It only gets better if you schedule your day in a strict way, and make it similar to what your schedule would be during regular professional duties. Make searching for a job a habit. 

Don’t stop. Gain momentum and maintain it.

At Jooble, a fair share of our staff has been through a lot. We just want to say that we understand you, and when it comes to quick job search – you can count on us. 

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Remember – fortune favors the prepared minds. And always keep in mind: after the storm comes the calm. And staying confident would make a huge difference in how you brave the storm.