Sat. Jun 15th, 2024

One of the few Fox News commentators who has given the FBI raid on Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate significant consideration is Steve Doocy. Jared Kushner shouldn’t have been all that shocked when, when promoting his new biography on Fox & Friends, he received the lightest of grillings regarding why his father-in-law was reportedly storing hundreds of sensitive papers at his home.
Kushner opened the interview by stating that he was “just as shocked as most people were” by the FBI’s choice to carry out the search of Trump’s property in accordance with a federal warrant. He connected this decision to the “relentless attacks” Trump had faced throughout his presidential campaigns.

Then, after deflecting another softball from the show’s guest host Katie Pavlich about whether anyone “can really trust the process here,” Doocy asked: “Why would the former president have that many classified things at Mar-a-Lago?” Kushner appeared surprised by Doocy’s straightforward, valid question.

Kushner said, stepping away from his father-in-law before coming back to defend him, “So I’m not acquainted with what precisely the contents were. He then went on a lengthy tangent about the “secret backchannel” he denies attempting to establish with Russia during the transitional period following the 2016 election, continuing to sidestep Doocy’s question, and acknowledged that this is not the first time his family has been accused of committing “treason.”

Therefore, I just believe that you must exercise extreme caution while reading and, of course, wait for the facts to emerge, he said. But a lot of the things that caused people to hyperventilate during the last several years turned out to be unimportant.

Bret Baier of Fox News refutes Trump, saying that “Obama Documents Were Handled Properly.”

Brian Kilmeade of Fox & Friends helped Kushner turn the topic back to his book after that. Kilmeade seemed to be glad to save Kushner from having to respond to Doocy’s first question.

Kushner spun as quickly as he could and said, “That’s again why I wrote this book: I wanted people to really understand what it was like to be living through that when you know you’ve done nothing wrong, you’re there trying to get good things done, and people are out there accusing you of all these crazy things and you have to prove that those things didn’t happen.

Right, and know that they didn’t and almost brought you down, Kilmeade said, nearly completing his visitor’s thought. And after devoting all of your effort to the interviews and knowing you were innocent, you were left wondering if the procedure would be successful.

Kilmeade abruptly shifted the topic, allowing Kushner the opportunity to criticize Anthony Fauci before he left the government. After suggesting that Fauci was more concerned with “getting things done” than defending himself, Kushner praised Trump for doing all in his power to “save lives.”

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