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I’m a commonplace apple shape and haul my weight around my stomach. I’m seeing this sort of shapewear to wear under my dress. I have never worn the high waisted kind before however the help briefs generally roll down on me. Anybody wear this sort? Do they keep awake? Or on the other hand do you have a superior idea for shapewear? My dress is strapless. Much appreciated!!

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I wear that style in the spanx and have never had an issue. I’m certainly Apple formed. There is an elastic “plug” at the highest point of the texture all around so it doesn’t move down.

Spanx were extraordinarily close and awkward on me even subsequent to going up a size greater based off my weight. I was not a fan by any means. I bought maidenform flexees from target and am really dazzled. They have a great deal of choices for shapewear and were fairly agreeable. I disliked the actual top of it moving down on my back if I wasnt ready to pull them allll the way up, yet it was only the exceptionally top, it didnt totally roll down or anytthing insane like that. Its difficult to depict. In any case, for how well it sucked everything in, and how agreeable and reasonable it was, I was in general definitely more content with those than spanx

I purchased these in naked for my dress on a white and they were shockingly agreeable! They’re the Cacique brand from Path Bryant.

I’ve worn these, and they in all actuality do keep awake. Be that as it may, they get hard to get all over without breaking out in a perspiration when you go to the restroom (sooner or later), haha. Basically that is my experience…so I’d simply think about, anybody wanting to wear shapewear, that you should go to the restroom sooner or later in your dress.

I have the full body flexees brand ones and I like them as well. Ive never had spanx (basically in view of the expense!), and seems like I dont need to waste time with them now all things considered. Haha

Did they remain up well? My experience is that they generally begin to move down on me which is something contrary to that

I’ve worn types like this and they keep awake, yet they most certainly roll at the top. I got shapewear with boning in it to hold that back from hapoening under my dress.

Haha! So evident! And, surprisingly, harder in a wedding outfit!!

Where did you get yours from? I was really searching for a bustier however because of my bra size Im

They remained up shockingly well!! Inwas intrigued. I realize a great deal of women fold them under their bra to assist them with remaining however as I’m not wearing one for the wedding I gave it a shot without tucking it and wore it around the house the prior night. No rolling at all!

They even have the ones with the more drawn out legs which is what I initially had needed to forestall thigh scraping. Yet in addition I’m happy I got these on the grounds that I can purchase charming bandelettes to wear and give it somewhat hotter of a look Haha

I’ll have to investigate them and check whether they would have a size that fits! What’s more, I figure I will be braless too so that was one more explanation I pondered rolling! Did you purchase consistent with size?

I evaluated one size from what they suggested. I most likely might have stuffed myself into tht size however I likewise read on their surveys that evaluating certainly assists with the moving down issue.

I’ve been attempting to sort out which shapewear to get and well. David’s marriage let me know they could gauge me for some and point me in the correct bearing perhaps attempt that choice. I have attempted these and the legs and stomach part roll down continually.