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Optimal Association for Minority Education (IAME) is a confederation of in excess of 450 English medium schools run by the administrations of minority networks in India. It is an enrolled body under the Societies Registration Act of 1860. The primary intention behind the development of this confederation is to assume an essential part in the social and instructive change through deliberate and quality instructive projects. The solitary target of this consortium is inspiring networks at the grassroots through socio-instructive projects. Right from the start IAME has been in the vanguard of school training as an umbrella body assuming a vital part in enabling schools by increasing current standards of value in their general execution and aiding them in their journey to be comparable to 21st Century schools. The school partnered to IAME follow CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, NIOS or State educational program.

An enabled local area with fundamental ability to get by and create.

Lead the local area to accomplish the ideal space in country building process through quality training.


Fill in as a confederation of schools run by the minority networks of India.
Give successful rules and discussion to its part schools to convey quality instruction
Set up the schools as focuses of greatness by giving ceaseless preparing to various portions like Managers, Principals, Teachers, Parents, Students, supporting staff and so on…
Get ready and distribute scholarly and non scholastic instruments and materials to improve the presentation of the learning local area.
Lead co-curricular exercises and ability upgrade programs at schools.
Lead research programs in socio-instructive fields.
Plan and carry out socio-instructive ventures for elevating the general public particularly the retrogressive networks.
Plan and execute institutional strengthening programs.
Give compelling direction and guiding to understudy, youth, and occupation applicants.
Assist the regressive networks with using the legislative and non-administrative helps and activities successfully

Quality restoration is at the core of movements of every kind IAME send off. Times change and instructive scene follows after accordingly. Quality perishes assuming that there is no engaged work to restore it. IAME conducts persistent quality improvement preparing programs for understudy’s local area, instructor’s local area, directors and institutional administrators to open them to cutting edge thoughts in training.
Once subsidiary to IAME, the schools will appreciate day in and day out proficient help. The expert help goes from master guidance to preparing and improvement of scholarly and non-scholastic local area. IAME is the help to the offshoots on issues which need instructive aptitude to deal with.
IAME utilizes a pool of creative individuals to visit subsidiary schools consistently.
Associated schools approach a large group of well-informed, well-altered, need-based courseware, different books and scholarly diary for classes 1 to XII.
Global Scholastic Talent Test (ISTT) fills in as an essential for seeking after training abroad.

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