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Using online reading platforms to read light novels has been a part of the new trend. Its prominence is due to the convenience and accessibility it can offer to readers from all around the world. Reading Light Novels using online reading platforms will allow you to access a wider variety of selections. The main concern for this reading method is the safety of the platform that readers are using. Safety is an important feature that a platform should have. Novelfull is a famous reading platform offered for free but is it safe to use? Learn about this through reading this article.

Introduction to Novelfull

Novelfull is a free reading platform that offers a wide variety of reading materials to users. It has a simple interface that makes readers love the platform more than ever. The site has several useful tools that readers can use on locating light novels that can catch their interest. Novelfull is a reading site that aims to help readers from all around the world have access to quality light novel titles. It has no pop-up ads and redirection which makes it convenient for readers to use. It also offers a variety of reading content. This feature can also be found on NovelUpdates but differ in the tools it can offer to readers.

Light Novels

Light Novels are reading materials that started as short stories that are meant to let readers of pulp magazines enjoy and have something to read. When it became prominent it improved to a reading content that can be read for various benefits. Light Novels can take you to another world different from reality. It often incorporated the current issues of the society with a unique writing style and specific genre in line with the story. Light Novels are aimed at adult, young adult, and teenage readers who would like to learn more about japan’s culture, tradition, and history. Famous light novels have anime adaptations and often contain the fantasy and adventure genres.

Features of Novelfull

Using Novelfull is better with its features. Features make a platform more convenient and easy to use. Features help readers get the best of the reading content on a platform. Novelfull has plenty of features to offer to readers here are some to mention.

  • No Account Creation. Tired of sharing your personal information online? Using Novelfull wouldn’t require you to create an account. You don’t need to worry about your card information safety and identity theft as the platform doesn’t require you to share information. Fair treatment is applied on the site as it doesn’t have exclusive features accessible to users with an account.
  • Wide Variety of Reading Content. Novelfull offers various types of light novels such as Korean Light Novels, Japanese Light Novels, and Chinese Light Novels. It also offers manga books. You won’t need to find another platform for reading different types of light novels as Novelfull can offer it all to you. This all-in-one site is a must-visit for light novel readers.
  • Accessible On Any Device. Novelfull is a website accessible to any device using any browser. The platform has no application or software which makes it exclusive for a specific device. Readers can use the platform through their browsers to access Novelfull. It is accessible on any device that can connect to an internet connection.
  • Massive Archive of Light Novels. Novelfull has all the genres and variety of light novels from all around the world. The site also has a collection of manga books. You can find the latest light novels on Novelfull. These are accessible in the categories offered by Novelfull. You can find amateur-written books on Novelfull. The site is welcome to aspiring writers. 
  • Search Bar. This tool is often compared to librarians in Local Libraries, it caters to readers. It helps them find specific books or authors. It can also find books related to the keyword of readers’ preference. A search bar is a tool that can help readers have a convenient browsing experience.

Is Novelfull Safe To Use?

Safe platforms are rarely seen online. Although there are plenty of reading sites online it is hard to find a safe and secure site to use. Novelfull is a safe and secure site that is made accessible for any reader around the world. The site has no redirection which assures you that you wouldn’t land at an unfamiliar site. It has no malware and viruses that can harm your device. Novelfull can offer you a variety of features and reading content available on the site. 

Step-by-Step Guide To Using Novelfull to Read Light Novels

Reading light novels online has been the best option for readers. Reading light novels using Novelfull is simple. You only need to follow these 4 steps to successfully find the book that piques your interest. 

  1. Open Browser. Using your device open the browser. Search for Novelfull using the browser. You can use any device and browser to access Novelfull. It has no application or software that you need to install.
  2. Browse Genres and Categories. In selecting a book to read it is important to browse the categories of the site. This enables you to keep updated on the current favorites of light novel readers. You can easily check out if the trending light novels are worth the hype by reading them on Novelfull. Browsing the genres is a great decision if you love reading books according to the genre. It will allow you to save so much time on the selection process. You can find these tools on the menu bar.
  3. Use the Search Bar. The search bar is the best option if you love reading books according to the author. Using the search bar will save you so much time on checking specific titles and searching for specific authors.
  4. Start Reading. After selecting the light novel to read start reading by simply clicking the first chapter of the light novel. The chapters are accessible below the book summary. Don’t forget to rate the novels!


Reading light novels online is convenient but locating a safe and trustworthy site online requires a lot of time and in-depth research. Save your time on finding one and visit Novelfull right away. It is a free reading platform safe and secure that can offer you a wide array of selections from all around the world.

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