Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

Hello, in daily life, many people shift to different houses or to different cities to stay. That makes a huge impact on our life to be comfortable and flexible in the new house. It will take time to be more comfortable as old house and also people not aware too much about the new house. 

After reading the title of this post you might be confused that this type of situation is also possible or might you think that you read the write or wrong? The answer to this question is yes you read the right and it will possible. So, what if we shift our old house to the new place without buying a new house and it will be more comfortable to live in that old house. So that solution to this problem exists, yes you read it right it is possible. Let’s see how it is possible. 

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There are different ways for that but we all know that this is not done from our side. We call any company which will provide this type of service and makes your work easy. And we also know that if you want to shift our house with all our goods then cost of this service is also high.

 But if you want to shift the house then you paid for this and sometimes it’s also helpful if any damage happens then from company side, they will provide insurance facilities also. But for that you need to follow process which I discuss below in details. 

We can shift house to another place with some procedures process. We can shift house with disassemble house at the old place and then reassemble to the place. Another way to shift house is to transport the whole house. But all process is not simple and easy to work on it. It is a much more difficult and risky process. 

The first way to shift house with assembling and disassembling is much easy as compared to transport whole house and many house owners choose this way for the shifting house if they have a portable house instead of choosing the second way which you will see in next passage. The first step of the process is to disassemble the house for that we have to divide the whole items and inventory of the house into multiple parts.

 Also packed whole items and inventory into the different boxes with small, medium, large, and extra-large boxes. For that, some famous companies work on this as a service provider with an easy and flexible approach. One of the famous company in India Packers and Movers in Mumbai provide service for that disassemble and assemble process. 

This type of company not only disassembles but also provides service for the assembling process. They start with one room at a time to collect items and with a limit of 30 pounds per box. For spillable items, they use plastic bags, use rolling tubes to pack cable and wiring. Also, they packed and store heavy boxes at the bottom and upside with weight boxes. In this type, they assemble and disassemble the house to provide customer satisfaction. 

The second way to transport the whole house is a much more complex and risky process. Some historic places are a location that is very much important for government authority to make secure and protected from destroying it. For that type of place, this approach makes a huge impact and is useful for moving to another place.

 This approach started in 1847 and was completed in 1851 it take at least 4 years to shift the whole house because at that time they did have not much efficient technology as we have, bypassing the time it will become efficient and with the latest technology, it will be easier compared to that time. The company Wolfe House and Building Movers provides the service with around 50 years to move the whole house. As per the industry, it will cost $12 to $16 per square foot. It will be taken from 50% to 75% as compared to make new house or building. As per the reports for labor and transport parts it will take $15000 to $20000. There are many more criteria that will impact the estimated budget for moving a house like size and weight, structure and shape, route, foundation, labor, and time. There are some limitations to moving house based on house structure, foundation, and destination location from the current house. 

It will be easier for the mobile house which is portable and some historic houses. Also, another house can be moved if the destination location is near the current location or next to the street, in front of the waterfront or shoreline. If the structure is not in stable mode or any foundation issues, the house looks for a good deal as per the cost of moving house then the moving house will be a bad option. 

Here one question will be raised how the process will work for moving house. There step by step procedure for moving house that manages by the service providers. The first general contractor or engineer will make an assessment, analyze and review the house, then choose the best possible route to move the house to the destination location. After that, they disconnect the house from the basement or foundation and put it into the special truck that moves the house with the latest technology and machinery. 

Then they move the house with the best route to the destination location and then locate to the new place. It seems like a very easy process but actually not. It will take advanced machinery and technology and expert engineers for that whole process to take and put the house. Before lifting the house, the company collects the whole items and inventory of the house and move in a safe and protected manner after the whole house is shifted to its destination they will re-arrange all items and inventory to the new location. 

This company Wolfe House and Building Movers works a lot with experience in this domain of 50 years. They shifted an average of 200 to 250 lift and move and in this total 80% are house. So, If you want to shift house to a different location this company is best for this service and execution. 

As we see shifting houses is possible in these two ways and it depends upon the requirement or need of the house owners and the analysis and assessment of the company that provides the service. Also, you see the whole process from both ways and also the company that provides service with advanced technology and machinery. With these two approaches, you can make it possible to shift houses. So, we hope that you may find very good information about this shifting house from current location to the destination location.

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Now as above I discuss that what if you want to move your whole house because there are situation arises where your all goods are very expensive and you can’t leave any things so at that time your best solution is to move your whole house and there are some companies which will provide this type of the service. If you find any other best way then you can suggest me, I can research that and try to add in this post. Till that read all this point and we will meet soon with the new topic.