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Everyone knows how many casinos exist in the world and Australia is no exception. However, lots of online casinos have appeared in recent years. They allow their users to sit at home, walk somewhere, or even work in the office and at the same time gamble via diverse gadgets. It’s an ideal opportunity for very busy people.

Online gambling has become one of the Australian favorite hobbies. You relax and at the same time get a dose of adrenaline while playing online casino games. Moreover, some online companies even provide an application for these types of activities to feel free and play everywhere.

What about Australian laws? What do they claim about online gambling in Australia? Of course, the safety and legality of actions is the most significant question of all people. We dare say that Australian laws don’t prohibit its residents from playing online casino games. However, there may be some problems for casino owners to provide their products in Australia if they are new in this business.

How to choose the best casino?

With the development of the online gambling industry, a lot of online companies appear regularly and it is becoming harder and harder to choose the best one from them. We understand it and decided to prepare a detailed guide, which will help you to find your favorite casino. 

Get familiar with these points: 

  • It must be legal. Before registering, check all the documents (e.g. a license) of the company to be sure that its products are legal and you can trust them;
  • It should have quite many diverse games. It’s better when they are of different types, for example, slots, baccarat, poker, and so on;
  • Support service of this casino should be contacted easily. Moreover, its representatives are expected to be patient and helpful;
  • It should have lots of payment options to choose from. It is perfect when you can use a convenient method for you to withdraw or deposit money;
  • The company is required to have fair terms and conditions written in detail on all its platforms. It will help the customer to understand all the rules of the casino and not violate them.

These features are the chief ones that you should pay attention to while choosing an ideal casino company for yourself.

By the way, we have found one of such great companies that follows all the characteristics written above. Its name is Wild Joker Casino. Now we’re going to introduce it to you.

Wild Joker Casino is greatly known in Australia. People here adore its platform and all services. It will impress you when you enter it for the first time. The reason for it is that its design is very unusual and bright – with the main purple color. At the top of its site, you will see two large buttons “Sign Up” and “Login” of pink and yellow colors, respectively. Moreover, in the center of the platform, there are advertisements of the prizes, which you can win by playing its online casino games.

Wild Joker Casino has lots of games of different types and many promotions dedicated to them. Here you can win even a new car – Range Rover! And this depends only on your luck, isn’t it amazing?

The company gives some promo codes for receiving bonuses. For instance, by entering “HYPER10” you can get 10 free spins or by writing down the “WEEKLYWINS” code, you will be available to give a 200% match bonus with 20 spins.

Wild Joker is well-known for its numerous pokies (the Australian name of slots). Users of this casino play its slots more often than other types of games.

As we have written above, the company needs to have detailed terms and conditions. So, Wild Joker Casino can be proud of itself in this case. Its rules are greatly written and very easy to read and understand. It is a cool advantage!

Now let’s consider its offered products.

Main products

Wild Joker has plenty of diverse games, as we have mentioned. They are of various types and now we want to inform you about them.

  • The company provides its clients with diverse table games. They are divided into the Caribbean and 21 games. There are about 10 table games.
  • There are more than one hundred various pokies (known as ordinary slots). They are also diverse: 3 Reel, 6 Reel, 5 Reel, Bonus Round, Progressives, Floating Symbols, and whatnot.
  • There is a special tab for progressives. They are represented as table games and slots. There are not so many of them but enough to enjoy this type of game!
  • Video poker is another type of online casino game, which has become very beloved in Australia. Here it is divided into 1 Hand, 3 Hands, 10 Hands, and 52 Hands. There are about 15 video poker games in general.

As you can see, the choice of games in Wild Joker Casino is huge, here you will undoubtedly find something awesome for yourself. We wish you good luck!

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