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Nothing can be more charming than watching individuals trick their companions on April Fool Day. The most moving trick coursing via web-based media is the Happy Feet Subscription Prank. The trick has made a buzz on TikTok after a client tricks her mother on April Fool Day.

April first is the greatest day when individuals treat their loved ones for certain energizing jokes and tricks. There are various tricks, and the most appreciated trick in the new April Fool Day was the Fake Subscription Text Message Scam from Happy Feet.

A client in the United States sends this phony trick message to her mother to trick her on April Fool Day. Allow us to check Is Happy Feet Scam or Legit.

What is Happy Feet Scam?

In the wake of assessing on the web, we have tracked down that the Happy Feet Scam message is only a trick that a client in the United States has done on her mother through a phony membership message. Along these lines, it is the trick from a girl to her mom on April Fool Day.

Different tricks are moving on the TikTok stage, yet the most energizing trick that grabbed the clients’ eye is the phony membership message trick.

The phony membership trick was from a TikTok client @riley.14. The Happy Feet Subscription Text Message trick was for her mom on April Fool Day.

About the Happy Feet Subscription Text Prank

@riler.14 or Riley is a functioning TikTok client who made a trick on her mom, and it is alluded to as Happy Feet Subscription Text Prank. She tricks her mom by making a phony number and send her an instant message in the interest of Happy Feet for a membership administration of HappyFeet.

The message contains the pictures of her mother’s feet and instant messages requesting that her mom pick it or quit accepting messages by messaging “StopFeet.” When her mother settled on the stop message alternative, she began sending her grosser pictures ceaselessly.

Is Happy Feet Scam or Legit?

It is an online media trick from a client, and consequently it isn’t genuine in light of the fact that the instant message was phony and not from HappyFeet.

The instant message was made with a phony number and not from the authority number of HappyFeet

A TikTok client sent the phony membership message to trick her mom

There is no realness of the instant message membership

It was the directive for simply a trick on April Fool Day

In light of every one of these elements, we can’t think of it as a genuine membership message from the HappyFeet. In this way, the solution to your inquiry, Is Happy Feet Scam is a yes. It is a trick or trick and not reliable.


The Happy Feet Subscription trick is moving on the web after it turns into a hit on the online media stage TikTok. The client @riler.14 didn’t know that she would become renowned on account of her special trick via online media.

In any case, individuals should not have confidence in such trick messages as it was for no particular reason and not from HappyFeet. In the event that you get such a message from a membership, evade it as it is only a trick from your companion or family and not from HappyFeet.

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