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Now many people are engaged in network technology work. If you can obtain AWS certification and Huawei certification, it is very helpful for personal development.

I: What Is AWS Certification

AWS certification  this site is Amazon’s IAAs and PAAS platform services for cloud computing. AWS provides users with a complete set of cloud computing services including elastic computing, storage, database and applications, which can help enterprises reduce IT investment costs and maintenance costs. AWS provides almost everything from games and applications to social applications in the cloud.

II: Is Easy to Obtain AWS certification 

AWS certification is not easy to obtain. It is understood that the AWS certification examination focuses on one problem, that is, how to use AWS cloud computing technology to better solve the problems encountered by enterprises in various application scenarios. The content is very close to reality. The content of the examination mostly comes from the problems to be solved in practice. It can be said that it is closely related to reality and follows the trend of the times, rather than taking some knowledge by rote. The standard and angle of the questions are very high.

III: What Are the Main Certification Items of AWS Certification

EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) is an elastic cloud computing service, which can provide users with flexible and variable computing capacity. Generally, users can create and manage multiple virtual machines and deploy their own businesses on the virtual machines. The computing power (CPU, memory, etc.) of the virtual machines can be adjusted at any time according to business needs.

Elastic IP addresses – elastic IP addresses are static IP addresses designed for dynamic cloud computing. An elastic IP address is related to your account, not to a specific instance of you. Unlike the traditional static IP address, elastic IP address can re match your common IP address to any instance of your account, so that you can ignore the error of the instance or available area. The connection is essentially through nat1:1 matching each elastic IP and private IP.

Elastic MapReduce: EMR uses the hosted Hadoop framework running on Amazon EC2 and S3. In order to immediately obtain the computing power to meet the needs, such as web page indexing, data mining and other data intensive tasks, easily and economically process massive data without worrying about the time-consuming setting, management or tuning of Hadoop cluster.

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