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As you may have read in recent articles, in our country, CBD is legal. In fact, in most parts of Europe, the sale, purchase, and manufacture of this compound are legal.

CBD oil can be purchased in the UK and most European online stores such as within the EU, where regulation dictates that CBD oil must contain a maximum of 0.2% THC.

That’s why many people now use CBD for its many benefits. So, if you want to learn more about CBD and stress, follow this link.

CBD’s legal situation 

The main difference between North American and European laws for hemp products is the amount of THC allowed to remain in the final product before it is considered illegal.

In Europe, the threshold for hemp products to be legal for sale as a nutritional supplement is 0.2% of the total weight, although some countries, such as France or Denmark, only allow CBD extracts that contain 0% THC. In North America, it is 0.3%.

For this reason, all products, such as oils, have a high CBD content but a shallow THC content, so they do not have those psychoactive effects and are entirely legal, both their production and their use, although there are certain restrictions.

The legal status of the CBD in Europe

In some countries, such as Spain, CBD enjoys a particular situation of allegiance since the Spanish Agency does not regulate it for Medicines and Health Products (AEMPS) as a food supplement in the “list of authorized food supplements” that stipulates what is allowed for consumption in human by Spanish law.

The CBD is not defined in the European Parliament’s Directive 2002/46 / CE. It means that CBD is entirely legal both for its commercialization and use but not for human consumption.

CBD, where it is not yet as well-known as in countries such as Austria, Germany, or Americans such as the United States, can be used legally as a cosmetic product (with its corresponding regulation from the Medicines Agency) “only for external use”.

The default definition of use in most European member states is ‘for external use only.

Is CBD legal in Europe?

Because of its origin, CBD has been causing controversy for years and, although in many European countries such as the Netherlands, the relative permissiveness of these products is famous, this can lead to some confusion about their legality, primarily due to the blurred line between recreational and medicinal use that is given.

In Europe, as a unitary entity, there is no single rule since it depends on the legislation of each country to regulate this type of substance. However, supranational bodies such as the World Health Organization try to regulate and recommend to countries how to proceed.

And it was this body that recommended in 2019 to the UN to remove cannabis from list IV of prohibited substances of the 1961 Convention on drugs, but this did not happen until December 2020, when the UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs has eliminated cannabis—specifically its medicinal and therapeutic use—from Schedule IV of the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs of 1961. However, its use for non-medical and non-scientific purposes will remain illegal.

Removing cannabis from list IV implies the UN’s recognition of the possibility of regulating the medicinal use of cannabis and, more specifically, CBD, which is why, at least for now.

  • CBD legal status in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is the first country in the European Union to legalize CBD derived from hemp. In Bulgaria, plants must have 0.2% THC or less to be considered hemp. As such, hemp-based hemp or CBD can be consumed easily in Bulgaria, but not necessarily marijuana.

  • CBD legal status in Germany

Germany has been allowing medical marijuana for several years, so those with a medical marijuana licence in Germany can enjoy marijuana, hemp, and CBD. However, recreational cannabis use is still illegal, as is CBD use, but the government tends to ignore its use mainly.

  • CBD legal status in Sweden

CBD in Sweden is still in a grey zone, as cannabis is still not legal, but hemp is, and CBD can be in some situations. However, a June 2019 court ruling indicated that only THC-free CBD products are legal.

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