Fri. May 24th, 2024
Smart Solar PanelSmart Solar Panel

The cost of energy continues to rise leaving homeowners looking for cost-cutting solutions. Solar energy is rising in popularity not only for its cost efficiency but also for its environmental benefits. Many systems require consumers to choose between a solar-only system or a solar-plus-storage system. Solar-only systems use panels to provide energy to the home. Any unused, excess energy is funneled to the power grid, and the homeowner can receive a credit. If the panels don’t provide enough energy, the homeowner will be charged for electricity usage through the power provider. A solar-plus system comes with a battery backup that stores excess energy and uses it when the solar panels do not produce enough necessary energy. These systems are preferable in areas where power blackouts are common. 

Unfortunately, many of the batteries in the average solar-plus system are very expensive and have a short lifespan compared to solar panels. Often, one battery is not enough to power an entire home with large appliances. This often requires multiple batteries causing upfront costs to be even higher. 

The good news is, Sable Solar has created the first all-in-one smart solar panel. We have long-lasting solar panels that also operate as battery storage limiting the need for backup energy from the power company. These panels fit together without strings and cords and install quickly. This can cut costs not only for energy but for installation. This system comes with numerous benefits. 

Increase Your Energy Output 

This updated solar technology can increase the energy output of your solar energy system saving you even more money. The average solar power system operates as a whole and only functions at the level of its lowest performing panel. The all-in-one energy system uses panels that are not dependent on one another and each functions on its own. In this case, if one panel is not functioning at full capacity, it does not affect the other panels, and they continue to produce high energy. This when combined with optimal placement of the panels to absorb the most sunlight increases the system’s energy output and decreases the need to rely on backup electricity. 

Optimize Your Energy Storage 

The all-in-one SolarGEN system uses built-in battery storage that is far more reliable than the average solar lithium battery. These batteries have a much longer lifespan that is comparable with the solar panels which in turn prevents you from having to replace them multiple times over the course of your energy system ownership. These panels are an excellent resource in the event of a blackout allowing you to continue to use energy even when the power company fails. This energy storage will save you time and money and provide you with more peace of mind.

Install a Safe, Cost-Efficient, Long-Term Energy System

The SolarGEN energy system is a smart investment for any homeowner interested in environmentally friendly, cost-efficient energy. A high-quality energy system can pay for itself over the course of three to five years. The SolarGEN system has the added benefit of increased safety compared to other systems. The lack of potentially unsafe wiring in the panels reduces the need for repairs and the risk of electrical issues. The panels are also built with monitors to prevent overheating and allow you to schedule charging. 

The All-in-One Solar Panel from Sable Solar

Solar energy will continue to grow across the United States. Sable Solar is conveniently located in southern California, and we are excited to share the SolarGEN All-in-One Solar Panel System with our customers. Choosing this system will mean shorter installation times and more savings over the lifespan of the system. Stop relying on expensive, unreliable electric companies to power your home.