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The internet is the lifeblood for many users. The majority of people depend heavily on the internet because they can’t spend even a minute without it. Of course, the internet offers plenty of options available that help in keeping them engaged and entertained. For instance, browsing random websites, socializing with friends and family, streaming Money Heist on Netflix, and playing games like Mortal Kombat are a few of the things entertainment seekers look forward to. 

Highly affordable home internet plans and packages make it a top choice for most users.

A huge chunk of people also relies heavily on the internet due to their work nature. After the eruption of Pandemic COVID-19, most internet users utilized their time to set up a website and earn thousands of dollars every month. While others are still working from home to get their job done and have their paycheck at the end of each month.

However, there is also a debate among internet users about what to do when facing internet speed issues. It is not something that could be answered in a few words, but still, to help you out instantly, you can try a reliable service provider like Cox. Highly affordable internet plans and packages make it a top choice for most users. Moreover, customer support is not just to brag about because Cox makes sure to offer prompt assistance to those looking for answers. Even if you are a Spanish speaker, you can contact cox servicio al cliente en español for all your queries and internet-related problems. 

Having a reliable service provider for the internet is not enough. Sometimes you face speed issues, which could hinder your online activities. If you are facing speed issues, make sure to follow the steps given below. All of these tips and tricks will help you solve your internet speed issues. Let’s take a look at it. 

Check Your Internet Speed 

If you are using any crappy internet service, you might face speed issues often. You can check the speed of your internet through different websites like Once you run the test, you will come to know what speed are you getting. If the test speed is less than the advertised speed, you need to call your customer support. However, if it is close to what has been advertised, then you need to check on your side. Don’t worry, we will cover all the steps to help you speed up your internet and carry on your routine activities online. 

Check the Wires 

When it comes to internet speed, it heavily depends on your connection. For instance, if you have a cracked cable attached to your modem or telephone wire that is not tightly connected, you will see a huge difference in speed. 

Make sure to check all the wires and sockets to ensure that everything is perfect. If any of the wire or cable is cracked or loosely connected, without waiting a minute, replace it with a new one or simply tighten it. This quick-fix will help you to get back your internet speed to normal. 

Devices Connected to the Network 

Back in the days, the internet was connected through the telephone wire, connected directly to the socket of the modem. But with the advancement in technology, the internet has gone wireless and all the devices are connected through WiFi. 

Depending on the family members or internet users available, the speed of the internet is highly affected by the number of devices connected. If everyone in your household is streaming Netflix on 4k or playing Call of Duty to win the battle, the amount of bandwidth used will be high. Make sure to disconnect all the idle devices because even if it not being used, some background applications might be consuming bandwidth. Disconnecting all those devices will help you to bring back the speed you want. 

Upgrade Your Internet Plan 

You might have chosen an internet plan that was more than enough for two people. But now with the increase in the number of family members, you need to make sure to have an upgrade. Everyone including kids uses the internet to keep themselves engaged, entertained and connected. 

If you are facing slow speed, the time has come to upgrade your plan. It is extremely important to analyze the usage at home and ask a customer representative to help you in choosing the speed that suits your need. 

Fix Your WiFi Signals 

As discussed earlier, the internet is being used without any cable connection. All of the devices are connected via a WiFi router. However, sometimes you will find poor signals on your device, leading to slow internet speed.

The issues are not too big and can be fixed without doing much. All you have to do is place your router in the middle of your house so that signals can be transmitted all over the house. But if you have a big house, you might not be getting signals in every part of the home even after placing the router in the middle of the house. All you need to do is buy a WiFi extender and connect it to the outlet. The WiFi extender will help the router to transmit signals to all parts of the house without leaving any dead spots. 

Summing Up

Internet speed issues are a normal day-to-day routine for most people. Having a good provider is the key to enjoying high-speed internet. But if you are facing the problem frequently, you need to contact customer support or simply switch to another provider if the CS is not resolving the problem. 

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