Exploding jars is one of the award winning games that receive a lot of attention and participation from players. In which, people often wonder about how to play the game of exploding jars and how difficult or easy it is to play the game of exploding jars 789 Club? 

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How to play the game exploding jars

Instructions to download the game to your phone

Before playing, you need to download the 789 Club explosion game to your computer to experience it! Just 3 simple steps to proceed to download the game and participate:

  • Step 1: visit the official website of 789 club to download, if you play on your computer, you can skip this step.
  • Step 2: Create an account on the game portal with a predefined form with some basic personal information. Or you can register the game via your Facebook account
  • Step 3: Enter the game to conduct the experience.

How to deposit and withdraw money in the game exploding jars 789 Club

How to play the game exploding jars 789 Club is most interested in you about how to deposit and withdraw money from the game? And this is also the most important part in the game, so you need to pay attention to the following issues.

How to deposit money into the game

Currently, the game blasting jar 789 Club provides players with many methods of depositing and withdrawing money such as: via phone scratch card, via bank account, autopay, giftcode, so you are free to choose the appropriate deposit method and The most convenient for you! The most popular form of players is via phone scratch cards and bank accounts.

For how to top up scratch cards via bank account, you just need to select the amount, bank, account name, account number and branch, the transaction will be very fast. Note that the account when depositing money must have internet banking to be able to top up.

There are other ways to recharge in exploding jars. 789 Club always has very clear instructions as soon as you load the game, so don’t be confused about how easy or difficult it is to load money into the game! Because of the difficulty, there was a game house 789 club to take care of.

How to withdraw money from the game

When withdrawing money from the game, you can also use popular methods including withdrawing money via phone scratch cards, banks, e-wallets, bitcoin, so it is quite simple when you want to withdraw money out.. With many different ways to withdraw money to make players simple and fast.

Currently, the way to play exploding jars 789 Club is providing mainly two popular forms of scratch cards and banks. As for the form of withdrawing money from scratch cards, everyone is probably too familiar, but everyone should know how to withdraw money through the bank. You just need to select the withdrawal place on the main interface of the 789 Club game portal, then select the banking section, the window will appear with the bank name, account number, account name and amount, you just need to enter the correct information. believe and wait for about 15 minutes for the game system to process, then the money will be returned to your account.

The 789 Club game portal always has a professional customer care team, so if you have any problems or questions, please contact the game portal for the fastest answers!

Great tips in how to play the game exploding jars 789 Club

Most of us know that the game of exploding jars is a game that relies on very high luck, but it is not only luck that can be rewarded but also relies on the intelligence and cunning of the player. Here are some great tips that you should save to try!

Great tips in how to play the game exploding jars 789 Club

  • You should choose the times when the number of players is the least so that your chances of winning are higher, more people only make it difficult to eat but the game is still laggy so try this to see if you can get the bonus or not. no, the times when players are absent are usually early morning and noon.
  • Be a little smart, you should not let the bonus spin in automatic mode, so it will be difficult to get rewards, but adjust the speed of the jar regularly!

Thus, the above article has provided you with more information related to how to play the game exploding jars at the game portal 789 Club. 

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