Tue. Jun 18th, 2024

With a mission to facilitate the global free flow of digital value, KuCoin is progressing well. An exchange started in September 2017 prospered a lot, and approximately 20 million people joined this fantastic exchange. According to a survey, KuCoin is a top 5 Crypto exchange in terms of overall performance. Thus it is a pride for KuCoin. A few features that make it the best are the vast range of coins offered by KuCoin, such as BTC USDT, SOL, XLM, LUNA/USDT, and many more. Apart from that, the great projects KuCoin offers its users are unique and never let down their users. 

What Is IGO?

IGO is an acronym for Initial Gaming Offerings and was launched by KuCoin on 8th April. So basically, KuCoin IGO provides a seamless centralized experience for users to purchase, invest and manage their unique NFTs. IGO allows users to buy NFTs directly and withdraw to their external address with minimum delay, like Cryptocurrency trading. 

So what are NFTs? They are “Non-Fungible tickets,” assets enrolled on a blockchain and not changeable. When one interacts in a metaverse or a game that runs on the blockchain, one uses NFT. KuCoin IGO provides different approaches to launch In-Game items via flat rate sales, auctions, or mystery boxes. 

IGOs can be conducted over several rounds, providing a different number of assets in each game with a tiered price structure. Furthermore, IGO’s first project is known as Pikaster, with 18,000 limited-edition. Isn’t it exciting?

How Does An IGO Work?

Initial Game Offering (IGO) may be a methodology for blockchain gambling comes to boost capital. It’s like Associate in Nursing Initial Coin providing (ICO). However, except for Cryptocurrency tokens, IGO participants will get early access to the in-game assets whereas supporting the game’s early development. IGO offered assets typically embody mystery boxes, characters, skins, accessories, weapons, and alternative things. 

In most cases, these are NFTs needed to access or play the sport. Currently, there is a variety of IGO launch pads on the market. {different|totally different|completely different} launch pads have different setups for Associate in Nursing IGO. However, it always needs investors to get the pad platform’s native token to participate. After the specified tokens, participants ought to lock them in an exceeding pool for an explicit amount. Counting on the allocation rule, they will receive the project’s token or NFTs supported by the number of tokens barred.

Let’s Have A Glimpse Of What Pikaster Is

The pilaster is a card battle game featuring Pikaster (NFTs), and it creatively designs diverse innovative gameplays, such as Guild Battle, World Trees, Boss Challenge, and Weather Battle. Its goal is to create a “Truly-Play & Truly-Earn” GameFi project through innovative product features to bring players extraordinary gaming experiences and handsome economic returns.

How Can One Be Part Of An IGO On KuCoin?

It is elementary to be a part of an IGO. The first thing is to get enrolled on KuCoin. So for it, one must visit the KuCoin website and sign up. After getting registered, one can buy crypto with Visa, Mastercard, or P2P methods (also Paypal) or can also deposit crypto in the main account (USDT) as feasibly for the user. The next step is to visit the IGO section: IGO KuCoin. In the last IGO, one can buy a Mystery Box directly with NFT or participate in an auction. For example, the current TRX price is $0.063061.Once the mode of payment is decided, one can pay in USDT buy. In short, the user will have benefits if the game is successful. Thus, participating in the KuCoin IGO is very simple.


Thus, KuCoin keeps transferral new and stunning options for its users so that users are ne’er thwarted and have possibilities to win profits, whether or not introducing new comes or programs as a content creator, mining Spot commerce, referral programs, and curiosity. That’s why KuCoin is considered one of the most effective exchanges, and one will dependably trade with KuCoin. And also, the user will get pleasure from this IGO because it is straightforward and the best investment. IGOs provide Associate in Nursing innovative approach for game developers to fund theirs comes through the employment of blockchain technology. Whereas IGOs are an honest approach for investors to support gambling at the Associate in the early stage, they additionally carry important money risks. You must perpetually perform due diligence before risking your funds.