In times when technological advancements are ubiquitous, no wonder that we have a chance to experience the benefits of using them in one of the most important fields for humans – education. Nowadays, educational institutions use information and communication technology (ICT) for various purposes. Such tools help teachers to convey information, store and manage it easily.  If teachers have a chance to master their skills with the exploitation of ICT tools, students will improve their learning, thinking skills, and overall performances. 

ICT can be used by teachers for interaction with students. For instance, they use well-known digital whiteboards that entertain children and bring some fun to the learning process. Also, some teachers can encourage students to use smartphones or tablets in class at schools or universities or such devices can be used at home to watch lectures or have lessons while everyone is studying remotely due to COVID-19 restrictions. 

If used responsibly and competently ICT tools will help kids study better and provide a more creative and individualized teaching approach. Moreover, they prepare students to live in the digital society where we deal with technologies on a daily basis both at home and at work. 

However, the use of such technologies might imply issues related to maintenance, a cost-benefit equation, infrastructure, etc.

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Related issues

Despite the obvious advantages of implementing ICT in your classroom that have already been discussed, we need to consider the issues that might be related to it.


Those who have the advantage of using technological devices for different purposes in different areas of their lives will always surpass those people who have limited access to them which will lead to discrepancies in knowledge and therefore power distribution in the world. Hence, we need to realize that in the countries that are developing and need years ahead till they achieve that level of the economy people will lack the opportunities on a global scale.   
All in all, the elimination of digital literacy should be considered further at the governmental level. That could be done by providing free laptops to children, ensuring the internet connection at every house, setting up whiteboards, installing various educational apps, giving away e-books, etc.

Teachers’ development. 

Without trained teachers, those tools could become useless. These are teachers who create implementation programs and deal with the migration from obsolete methods to new technologies. Thus, teachers should be provided with the ability to develop and grow professionally. First, there should be special workshops where teachers learn more about the possibilities of technology usage and the latest news on them. They need to have access to all possible materials and guidelines of how to use this or that device in teaching, how to personalize their work, how to be more effective and make the work with ICT tools less time-consuming. As a result, we will have teaching professionals who will encourage ICT use in class among students, let alone for themselves as it will be more convenient for them to conduct lessons. Second, teachers should have more freedom to suggest the use of new tools and be welcome within their work environment when bringing up such ideas. Third, there should be other managers, supervisors who foster technology implementation in that particular educational institution.

Proving ICT benefits

Another issue related to ICT implementation is the need to prove its usefulness to invest in. School management is cautious about any extra expenditures as they are not very generously financed and chose carefully where to spend their money on. Thus, if you are one of those pioneers at your work, be sure to provide evidence if you want to get that digital whiteboard for your class. Let’s not forget that ICT implies additional costs on the internet connection, stable power supply, security measures, etc., so consider these too.  

Among advantages, you can mention the versatile learning options ICT can provide. Thanks to it, students with different learning styles could consume information visually, tactically, and not just by reading or listening.


Your school is lucky if they have the finance to afford at least some tech-related initiatives. However, quite often, the authorities might doubt if the whole idea is beneficial if not unprofitable at all. They might think that it is unreasonable to pay for technical support, staff training, etc. For kids bringing their own devices to school could be a solution. Unfortunately, it is still not possible for some people. Thus, the inequality issue rises.

Nevertheless, ICT is worth being fought for. It’s a logical stage in education development and soon there will be fewer doubts and fears of such tools implementation. The next step for ICT in education is being employed for raising young children. 

It comes as no surprise that many parents nowadays use digital devices either for educating or just entertaining their kids. We all might have seen kids playing some game on tablets. Although one might say it is not a good approach to hand your children over to some device while you cannot be nearby and stay focused, by doing so (moderately) your kids develop their user experience skills or understanding more naturally.

In addition, ICT in the early stages of kids’ lives encourages the development of problem-solving skills and the ability to reflect on one’s thoughts and knowledge They basically learn how to learn which is essential for every human being. It supports creativity and imagination development too. Due to ICT resources children also enhance their language abilities. Except for that, visual images and the logic of using tech devices can assist in mathematical thinking deveopment.

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