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Personal computers play a vital role in our daily activities. Computers cover everything from simple tasks like surfing social media and watching movies to doing essential office work. A lot has changed in the personal computer manufacturing industry. The first computer, ENIAC, was completed in February 1946 and occupied a lot of space, emitted a huge amount of heat, was difficult to operate because of its complex system, and was expensive. On the other hand, today’s computer is easy to repair from a phone repair store, has a simple system making it operable, does not occupy a lot of areas, less heat is emitted, and the most favorable feature is that they are portable. However, the computer’s system has become a lot less complex but is still difficult enough for laypeople to fix. If any problem has been encountered, it is recommended to take it to any professional with the expertise to fix it.  Has your computer running slow? As you spend more time waiting for programmes to load than actively working, it can significantly negatively influence your productivity.

Essential Tools and Their Functions Used by a Professional Phone Repair Store 

A professional cell phone repair store in Toronto, ON, uses different tools, techniques, and services to fix any tech gadget. Using specific tools is important as they make the job much easier to perform and prevent accidents and damage to equipment and people. These tools can be divided as follows:

● Hardware tools

● Software tools

Hardware tools 

As the name indicates, they are used to repair the body of a computer. Hardware tools are divided as follows: ESD tools, Hand tools, Cleaning tools, and Diagnostic tools. There are two types of ESD tools: an antistatic wrist strap and an antistatic mat. The antistatic mat helps computer equipment and technicians by preventing the accumulation of static electricity on the hardware. The antistatic wrist strap protects computer equipment when grounded by the computer chassis. Mostly the hand tools used in computer repair are small, but they vary in size, quality and price.


hey consist of flat head screwdrivers which are used to tighten or loosen the screws, Phillips head screwdrivers: used to tighten or loosen cross-headed screws, Torx screwdrivers: used to adjust screws that have star-like depression on the top, needle nose pliers: used for holding small parts, wire cutters for cutting straps, tweezers that help in manipulating small pieces, part retrievers help in retrieving small parts, flashlight helps to increase visibility, and many more. Cleaning tools include soft cloth, compressed air, cable ties, and a part organizer. They clean the computer without causing any damage to any part of the device. Along with the tools mentioned above, an expert repairing center, like a fixed point, should also contain diagnostic tools for proper and quick diagnosis. These diagnostic tools include a digital multimeter that checks the integrity of circuits and the quality of electricity, a loopback adapter, also known as a loopback plug, for checking the basic functionality of computer ports, and a toner probe. 

Software tools 

Technicians use software tools to pinpoint and troubleshoot problems. It includes disk management tools and protection software tools. Disk management tools help to detect and correct disk issues helps to prepare a disk for data storage, and remove unwanted files. It includes FDISK, a command line tool that produces and deletes partitions on a hard drive. Format: used to prepare a hard drive to store information, and ScanDisk: which is used to check the integrity of files and folders on a hard drive by scanning the file system, and disk cleanup: it clears up the space on the hard drive by searching and deleting useless files. Protection tools help computers fight different viruses, spyware, and other infectious attacks. It includes a windows seven action center, an antivirus program, an antispyware program, and Windows seven firewalls. 


Find an electronics repair in Toronto, ON, who has special skills, experience, and quick turnaround. If a technician uses specific repair tools, it will give you a sense of satisfaction that you have chosen the right person to improve your tech gadget.

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