Thu. Jul 18th, 2024
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The majority of us find ourselves tirelessly and endlessly doing some sort of productive work. Whether that be doing overtime on our regular 9-5 job, whole day training for an upcoming sports event, cramming for a deadline, or managing a hectic business schedule, it is inevitable that we sometimes burn through our body’s natural limits. 

More importantly, no matter how hard we try to keep fit through a healthy diet, we always seem tired and spent at the end of the day. This is precisely because, practically speaking, it is tough to consume all the necessary vitamins and nutrients that our bodies need strictly through eating. As such, it is advised that we also use some sort of supplement to serve as add-ons for our daily nutritional requirements. Here are a few examples:


Perhaps the most effective method of making sure that we constantly get our daily dose of vitamins and minerals is through taking multivitamins. A good quality multivitamin should contain the majority of essential compounds that our bodies need such as vitamin C, D, E, B6, B12, folic acid, and magnesium. Supporting a healthy diet with a high-quality multivitamin ensures that our bodies are able to perform at the most optimal rate.

Fish oil

Fish oil supplements are typically rich in omega-3 acids, which are extremely beneficial for regulating inflammation. Critically, omega-3 fatty acids are important to our health because our bodies do not have the ability to naturally produce these compounds which means that they can only be obtained through diet and supplements. Omega-3 helps regulate blood pressure, promote muscle and joint health, support a positive mood, and maintain a healthy body weight. 

Moreover, sufficient omega-3 levels are necessary for proper respiratory, musculoskeletal, immune, and cardiovascular functions. On average, individuals need to intake 500-900mg of omega-3 to meet the optimal levels. Finally, professionals suggest that it is best to consume 3 servings of oily fish (like salmon, sardines, and anchovies) per week.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is consistently on the top of the list when it comes to the most overlooked component of our diet plan. Numerous studies have revealed that almost 90% of the population is vitamin D deficient. Although the human body naturally produces vitamin D through exposure to sunlight, the end result is often not enough to meet our bodies’ minimum requirements. Vitamin D is important for maintaining proper bone and muscle strength, proper neuromuscular function, healthy immune response, normal inflammatory response, and blood pressure. Research shows that individuals with optimal vitamin D levels tend to suffer from fewer fractures, injuries, and decreased rates of upper respiratory tract issues. Lastly, vitamin D has also been shown to help with headache and migraine symptoms.


Probiotics are necessary for promoting gut health as we primarily digest and absorb nutrients through the gut. Essentially, probiotics are healthy bacteria that help the gut function properly and at the optimal rate. Generally speaking, it is critical that we maintain a balance between “good” and “bad” bacteria as imbalances can lead to nutrient deficiencies despite eating a balanced diet and supplementing with vitamins and minerals. Research suggests that probiotic intake supports healthy immune function, proper brain health, and optimal weight management. 

Special Medication

There are cases when people who are often overworked and overstressed find it difficult to sleep or relax. In such cases, drugs such as antidepressants and relaxants are prescribed to them in order to help with natural recovery processes. A common example of said medication is through THC and CBD products. Companies such as Apollo are offering various cannabis-derived edibles such as their d10 vape as well as d9 and d8 gummies. As one of the market leaders when it comes to cannabis edibles, they operate under strict government regulations and company management. As such, customers can be sure to have products that are safe and effective.