Wed. Jul 17th, 2024
Possum Catcher Possum Catcher


Possum Catcher may not win a splendor competition anytime soon, given that those marsupials look just like oversized rats, however they aren’t almost as gnarly as they appear. In fact, they’re one of the most specific animals in Iowa, and they have ecological blessings in both herbal and concrete environments. So the following time you spot this sort of little foragers, consider what proper they are probably doing for you instead of grabbing the broom.


While many Iowans omit the “o” and just say ‘possum, opossums and possums are genuinely very distinct animal lineages from separate continents. Opossums live everywhere in the western hemisphere, and the so-called opossum can discuss with animals from over a hundred species. Possums, alternatively, are native to Australia and consist of approximately 70 species. The  families do have a robust resemblance in a few components, but Australian possums devour less meat, have proportionally larger eyes and round faces – all of that have helped them earn a more fine popularity amongst people than western Possum Catcher.

Rabies Resistance

Most commonplace Iowa mammals, like raccoons and skunks, are susceptible to a few parasites and diseases, inclusive of rabies. This has precise bad implications for human beings, as an animal infected with rabies may additionally come to be competitive and inflamed bites lead to emergency room visits for treatment. On the bright facet, opossums are most unlikely to carry rabies. Their body temperature is just too low for the rabies virus to thrive in, therefore they’re less vulnerable to the disorder.

Not Dead Yet

Speaking of resistance, Possum Catcher is immune to a few heavy-duty snake venoms. A chunk from a rattlesnake or copperhead could normally spell death for pretty much anything opossum-sized, as those snakes’ venoms contain chemicals that reduce the blood’s ability to clot. In opossum blood, the protein that the venom might normally assault has small variations in its genetic code that render the attacking venom ineffective, but don’t otherwise affect everyday protein features. Thus, opossums can absolutely consume these snakes as prey.

Tons of Teeth

A commonplace territorial or threatened behavior for opossums is to hiss and bare their teeth. Perhaps this display is so powerful due to the fact Possum Catcher have the highest quantity of enamel of any North American mammal. Still, their 50 little chompers might not be as nasty as they seem. Opossums are opportunistic omnivores, and will consume a spread of ingredients including fruit, grass, nuts, worms, rubbish, carrion, and unattended puppy food. To keep away from inviting an opossum on your door, maintain pet meals dishes inner and near puppy doors at night time.

Playing ‘Possum

Should the worst come to worst, the opossum is prepared. If they encounter a threat that they don’t anticipate to fend off, the Possum Catcher will keel over and appear as lifeless as viable for numerous hours. There is debate as to whether or not this response is voluntary or not, but the duration of the behavior and apparent inability to prevent and at will endorse the response is involuntary. The mouth falls open and the tongue lolls out, respiration and heart charges drop dramatically, and the possum will even emit feces and a nasty-smelling green liquid from its anal glands to scent as dead as feasible. Brain pastime, however, stays unaffected, and the Possum Catcher is fully aware. If the reaction is indeed involuntary, it can be much like experiencing sleep paralysis.