Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

People diagnosed with ADHD struggle to focus and remain hyperactive, which can affect their marriage or relationship. Therefore, people with ADHD should work with a therapist to reduce the chances of jeopardizing their relationship. Couples counseling is proven effective in managing the symptoms and helping the partners understand their condition. It allows them to be empathetic and supportive to avoid problems and enhance their relationship.

ADHD and Its Symptoms

  • Poor Time Managing Skills: Lack of concentration and poor time-managing skills cause hindrances in productivity and performance. The person struggles to balance their personal and professional life, which can cause a distant behavior towards their life partner. It increases conflicts and builds a communication barrier. It can affect their marriage and lead to multiple complications.
  • Poor Concentration: The person struggles to concentrate on tasks. Also, they are more likely to struggle in prioritizing important activities. Due to lack of management, the person may see their partners become angry or agitated towards them.
  • Impulsivity: The individual with ADHD remains hyperactive and makes impulsive decisions that can harm different aspects of life.
  • Anxiety: The person with ADHD struggles to balance their personal, social, academic, and professional life. It leads to restlessness and increases anxiety. Anxiousness causes hindrances in overall performance and productivity.
  • Forgetfulness: The person with ADHD struggles to remember important dates and events related to their personal, social, and professional life, which affects their relationship with friends and family members.
  • Fits of Rage: Individuals with ADHD struggle to understand and rationalize their emotions. Stressful events can trigger the person leading to fits of rage. The person may project their rage toward their partner, leading to conflicts.

Impact of ADHD on Relationship/Marriage

  • Intimacy: The person with ADHD is more likely to remain stressed, agitated, and anxious. It can affect the intimacy and sex life of the couple. It puts strain on the partner, as they feel the person feels unattracted toward them.
  • Lack of Understanding and Communication: Confusion, lack of concentration, disorganized thought process, and poor time-management skills can cause misunderstanding between the couple. It can cause problems, which increases the risk of separation or divorce.
  • Misinterpretation of Symptoms: The partner may struggle to understand the symptoms; for instance, agitation and lack of communication can make them think that one is involved in extra-marital affairs. It can cause multiple problems, affecting social, personal, marital, and professional life.
  • Impulsive Responses Causing Conflicts: The person may act irrationally, leading to conflicts and fights, causing stress and anxiety.

Role of Couples Counseling

Couples counseling can help them understand the cause of irrational behavior. The timely diagnosis helps the couple make relevant changes and steps to ensure that they can manage the condition and prevent further complications. However, couples who have seen signs of ADHD in their partners should seek professional help. People can connect with a competent and reliable therapist for ADHD treatment in Dubai through Fitcy Health. The platforms help the person seek professional help at affordable rates.