One of the simplest and most fun ways to have an original outfit is by using custom stickers for clothes; this is a product that has become one of the favorites for children, especially for birthday celebrations, where the emphasis of the day lies in them.

You will love the advantages that we can mention below of this type of personalized product, this way of giving that personal touch to your clothing is here to stay, not only because of its practicality but also because of the benefits that these provide at the advertising.

What should you know about custom stickers for clothes?

The first thing you should keep in mind is that the material of the stickers for clothing is a heat-sensitive material, which is why the process to incorporate or adhere them to clothing or textiles is with the use of a iron that is at a temperature greater than 160º.

These thermo-adhesive materials help you solve occasional situations and immediate advertising in a matter of minutes and safely, thanks to the fact that the process for adhering the sticker to clothing is very simple.

These have also managed to sympathize with companies, so that they can apply this procedure to pay for their employees’ uniforms at any time, guaranteeing a long-lasting uniform, since the material of these stickers is linked with the fiber of the clothing material. , preventing it from falling off.

Custom clothing stickers are capable of adhering to various types of fabric, such as wool, cotton, sponges, polyester, elastics and more synthetic textile materials.

Most commonly used material types for custom stickers

Clear or White Polypropylene: A thin, tough film that is widely used in the manufacture of custom adhesives. There is a wide variety of types of this material, which is usually white or transparent.

Static Vinyl: It is a thin vinyl that is used for custom static cling stickers, which allows it to adhere to smooth and non-porous surfaces, such as tile or plastic. This type of personalized label uses a natural adhesive instead of an artificial adhesive, which can be removed or repositioned, requiring only that the surface be clean and free of residue.

Industrial Vinyl: This is a suitable material for custom decals to be used outdoors. The best quality industrial vinyl materials can provide 9-11 years of UV resistance. Custom decals made from this material are chemically resistant.

Polyester: Polyester labels come in various types and shapes. The most popular option is the metallic look, which provides perfect effects like chrome or mirror. It is sometimes confused with stainless steel. This material is suitable for external and internal applications and is ideal for labeling piping and control panels.

Fabric: They are basically acetate satin fabric stickers, which are ideal for labeling alcohol or wine bottles. It is also ideal for personalizing Christmas gifts.

Advantages of personalized stickers for clothing

You will already be able to have an idea of ​​the numerous advantages that a personalized product can bring you, in the case of clothing; it is capable of solving the uniformity that you want to have for a specific event. Today, a notorious trend has been observed in children’s birthday celebrations, where close relatives (mother, father and brother) of the honoree wear the same clothing to give sympathy and life to this celebration.

That is to say that with the personalized stickers for clothes you will be able to incorporate a nice idea for children’s events. This idea can be adopted in different types of events, including short-term sporting events where uniformity or immediate identification is required.

While, in the case of companies, the advertising advantages of using personalized stickers for clothing will give you everything you need to give complete information about your business. Being able to have a person with an outfit that has your company’s information is mobile advertising, thus allowing numerous people to receive that contact and social network information.

At the same time, this is an extremely economical advertising option, since the design and message will only be captured on the adhesive material, which will then be incorporated into the textiles with heat. The clothes that have been labeled with this material of personalized stickers for clothes, can be easily washed in a washing machine, it is recommended to use cold water to avoid any detachment of the product that is sensitive to heat.

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