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Kelly Rissman, a columnist from the United States, has posted a proclamation making a buzz on the web. She posted this articulation online after she thought a few fakes misled her. The con artists have connected her number to Google Voice to do tricks with others.

The tricksters have set a Google Voice Account utilizing her number, and when they endeavor to do tricks with GV, the principal individual to contact for examination will be Kelly and not the con artists. Anyway, what does her assertion ‘I Fell For A Google Voice Scam” signifies?

What is the Story All About?

Fourteen days prior, Kelly was astonished when she saw her portable with an instant message from the resale application “OfferUp.” The assertion peruses, “Greetings, is this still accessible.” She was unable to presume an individual who is keen on getting her old condo furniture.

They were misleading to get hold of her portable number to set up Google Voice account as a genuine individual. The message was sent by a lady in the United States named Jaree. As Kelly affirmed that furniture is accessible, she requested to share her telephone number.

Presently she affirmed that “I Fell For A Google Voice Scam” in the wake of sharing her number. She shared her number in light of the fact that the telephone number and installment data on the application was confirmed. Jaree additionally had a profile picture and different subtleties to cause her to appear to be real.

Is Google Voice Scam Common with Others?

Subsequent to assessing, we tracked down that numerous individuals other than Kelly are casualty to this Google Voice Scam. Clients have shared remarks on conversation gathering with respect to the trick.

Individuals are getting instant messages and voice calls from 220-00 and asking them for the check code to set-up Google Voice account.

Numerous individuals shared their number while some disregarded the messages and calls.

When Kelly Posted “I Fell For A Google Voice Scam”?

Everything was going ordinary, and both Kelly and Jaree were trading messages through text and telephone. In any case, when Jaree requested that she share the six-digit code she got, it causes doubt in Kelly’s brain. The code showed up in instant messages from “Google Voice.”

The message was from 220-00, and with a Google search, it was affirmed that the message was from Google. The trickster requested the Google Voice code in broken English. Kelly didn’t try to share the code.

She again got instant messages in succession from Jaree, as though she replicated the content and stuck it carelessly. During this snapshot of the unexpected truth, she investigated the trick and stated: “I Fell For A Google Voice Scam.”


Being a columnist, she is as yet not mindful of how she is defrauded. All tricks she examined include separating the casualty’s very own subtleties like financial balance subtleties, address, and contact number.

For her situation, the trickster just requested a code and telephone number, and it shows that the con artist just needs a characteristic number to set up a Google Voice Account. Thus, it is alluded to as Google Voice Scam.

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