Tue. Jun 18th, 2024

Undoubtedly, Omega and Hurom are those names that are ideal for every person in this era. The reason behind the fame of these manufacturers is their high-end masticating juicer with the latest features. Both producers produce high-tech juicers and are now the best competitors of the 20th century. Therefore, to decide which among them is foremost, we have decided to compare these brands.

This detailed comparison will teach you about their latest juicers and what makes their items unique.

So, let’s start with the introduction of both forms.

Omega – About

Omega, as we know, was a famous producer of the Olympic product since the 1980s, but after that, this American-based company moved their business towards producing appliances. Since then, these producers have maintained their reputation for making the best masticating and citrus juicers. Other than that, among all its models, its masticating juicer range is unique from the other producers and are ideal juicer for celery.

Hurom – About

Hurom, on the other hand, is a Korean-based company manufacturing the latest masticating and triturating juicers for the past 40 years. The best part about these juicers is that they are designed under the guidance of expert engineers from Korea and are made in china. The company ensures the reliability and durability of its products. These are some of the traits that make these juicers an ideal competitor of the Omega juicers.

Horizontal or vertical masticating juicers?

You might be confused after hearing this term, but it’s pretty simple. Both brands manufacture masticating juicers, but Omega produces horizontal, and Hurom makes vertical masticating juicers. Vertical and horizontal juicers are the subtypes of masticating juicers that vary in functioning. 

Hence, if you are considering buying from any of those brands, consider the type of juicer you are considering. Horizontal juicers come with an auger that spins in a horizontal position and does not require a pusher to move ingredients toward the feeder. These juicers are thinner and longer than the vertical masticating juicers, making them the best for celery and hard and dry ingredients.

Besides, the vertical masticating juicer is ideal for soft and medium-sized veggies as its auger rotates in a vertical position. The juicer requires a pusher to move the fruits and vegetables toward the feeder.

Hurom and omega masticating juicer – Comparison

Hurom and Omega masticating range differs from the power xl juicer in terms of functioning, durability, and reliability. Hence, to choose between the finest masticating juicers, look at the Hurom and Omega comparison table.

Hurom H-AAWarranty: 10 YearsStreamlined designSpeed of 43 revolutions per minuteControl lever to prevent clogging$439.00
Omega NC900HDCWarranty: 15 YearsLonger lastingQuiet/noiseless juicerPowerful motor$310.92
Hurom HPWarranty: 2 YearsSilent AC motorSafety sensors$299
Omega NC800HDSWarranty: 15 YearsQuiet but powerful motorLow speed of 80 RPMs Minimal heat production$419.95

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Which one is the best – the Verdict

Before deciding which juicer is the best among HUrom and Omega, let’s see whether a vertical or horizontal juicer is right for celery. We know vertical juicers are thinner and need a pusher to move the fruits and veggies toward the feeder. Therefore, horizontal juicers are more efficient than these juices as they are thicker and don’t require any pusher. Its augers can easily move the items toward the feeding tube.

Hence, now that you know that horizontal juicers are the finest, it means in terms of durability and reliability, Hurom juicers are the finest. These juicers are elegantly designed and come with more unique features than Omega. Therefore, according to our experts and the above comparison, Hurom horizontal juicer is the best masticating juicer for celery.