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The idea began on Harlem’s streets in 2013, when a group of multi-talented individuals, including designers, stylists, rappers, and singers, had a similar approach to music and design. The company created ASAP MOB, a road style brand, and dispatched Vlone Clothing. A number of people began wearing the dress immediately, and it quickly gained popularity through online media.

How did VLONE come about?

What immediately comes to mind when someone asks, “Who made VLONE?” is ASAP MOB, a hip-bounce group. Among the many clothing lines available to the ASAP crowd, VLONE website is the most well-known. VLONE ASAP MOB was written by Jabari Shelton, who founded ASAP Rocky and Edison as well.

When Bari was asked what VLONE was about, he explained it was a platform for collaboration. Everybody contributes to the project and everyone is equal. Edison Chen, the architect of the VLONE website line, assisted with the creation of the first top of the Brand Bari. Rocky, a rapper and member of the Asap Horde, helped expand brand recognition during 2014 by giving shirts to brands during his visits.

What is VLONE’s meaning?

It means more than a brand. This is the philosophy: “Live alone, pass alone.” Despite being born alone, living alone, and passing on alone, the love of kinship can bring us comfort.

The meaning of VLONE is “you live alone, but you can kick the bucket alone.” This is how this brand is characterized, in one sentence. VLONE’s official website is about the makers, their lifestyle, thinking and culture. The inspiration for the brand is Harlem’s free-form style, where Rocky and Bari come from. Bari explained, “What I do is take Harlem and make it something different.”

What does VLONE clothing look like?

The shirts, pullovers, and headwear of Rocky and Bari have begun to show the V-shaped marking. As Bari states, “I don’t wear streetwear. I don’t wear high style.”. I wear a hoodie style.

A music video by Pronto Rocky VLONE website was released in 2014. Before then, their items consisted only of hoodies and VLONE shirts. In a spring pop-up store, they combined streetwear clothing with Paris Fashion Week. Hip-hop stars and youth loved the pop-up store. Streetwear became increasingly popular because of Rocky’s motivation. Additionally, they held a spring up in Los Angeles to introduce their limited official VLONE website. Many skaters and streetwear enthusiasts attended.

OFF-WHITE and Nike Collaborate

In 2016, they collaborated with OFF WHITE, Nike, and other brands. Their success was enhanced as a result. This assortment of OFF-WHITE VLONE has VLONE orange and VLONE gray suits, long sleeve sweatshirts and track trousers with a dark orange and a dark shade combination.

In addition, they promoted camo stock, VLONE jeans, as well as a VLONE official website is legit with the VLONE website visible symbol embossed on it, as well as tees, shirts, and other garments with the orange letters “Companions” emblazoned across the front. Additionally, OFFWHITE and VLONE teamed up for this show.

A VLONE website is a suburban word that refers to the concept of being separated from others and living alone. It was a shirt worn by youngsters who were propelled by the one-hooligan clothing shirt. Rough hoodies from Pronto turned out to be extraordinarily well known, including a shirt, hoodie, and jacket.



Clothing items most popular with VLONE

The most popular outfit among all merchandise are the VLONE Hoodies and VLONE shirts on the VLONE website. Welcome to the official VLONE merchandise paradise. Our t-shirts and hoodies are all of the highest quality. We offer a wide variety of V logo designs printed on the best fabrics.

The result is the officially licensed VLONE Merch Pop Smoke Hoodies with V-staple VLONE logos are of the highest quality. We have the best selection of VLONE Merch Sizing Tees, you will find bad habits, drip-tees, and many more on the official VLONE website.

Controversy over A$AP Bari

An enormous controversy surrounded A$AP Bari in 2017. He was isolated from the rest of the A$AP MOB by the VLONE ideology, which led to his self-destruction. He was disassociated from the mob after a video of him beating a naked woman went viral in 2017. 

Later, Bari complained about not being treated with the care and attention he felt he deserved. Upon becoming aware of the alleged mishap, Nike distanced itself from him. VLONE’s expansion was slowed to a considerable extent. 

Bari’s actions may be questioned by many people. What would be the point of him doing something that tarnished his name and brand? In the past, Harlem has been associated with controversy after many of its great accomplishments. Bari at the time had a slogan, “All Living Creatives Die Alone,” which became a metaphorical reality for him, “Harlem’s soul blooms and withers.” 

The Present and the Future of VLONE Clothing 

You can still buy VLONE Clothing online these days. Rapper Pop Smoke and the A$AP Mob collaborated on a collection to launch in February 2020 before Smoke passed away. 

Simple gear such as t-shirts, balaclavas, and hoodies make up the merchandise. A simple “V” symbol appears on a majority of the merchandise, reflecting the direct message of the band’s music. As Pop Smoke’s memory lives on, the A$AP Mob continues to prosper in these ways. 

VLONE website Clothing plans to continue making history in the years to come, so watch this space!