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How to win at online blackjack

In the digital world, we meet a greater variety of entertainment ranging from casino games online free to alien adventure battles. Blackjack is a classic casino game played with luck and strategy. Are you a fan of online blackjack, but row to win? Perhaps you do not yet master the rules of the game or the strategy to adopt. However, we have good news for you: you came across the right article. Be aware that there is a simple method to increase your probabilities of winning, based on mathematical principles and which will only require a little practice on online casinos. Find out more about this method and practice.

What is blackjack?

Blackjack is a popular card game in physical and virtual casinos. The rule is simple: the player must win against the croupier, holder of the bank, by having a hand which approaches, without exceeding it, however, the number 21. The value of the cards is established in this way:

  • Numeric cards from 2 to 9 have the face value of the card.
  • The Ace is worth 1 or 11 points, depending on the player’s option.
  • Figures and card 10 are worth 10 points.

It is clearly this type of game, very easy to understand, but complex to master. I had the opportunity to indulge in it and read about it a few years ago on a trip to Vegas for CES and I have to say it quickly gets exciting. Be careful of bankruptcy anyway ūüôā

How to win at online blackjack

To win at online blackjack, don’t just trust your luck or your gut feeling. Although this is a game of chance, there are certain strategies that you should practice to put the odds in your favor. All you need to do is play smart, make rational decisions and keep in mind that during a game of Blackjack you can be dealt over 340 different hands.

The film Las Vegas 21 precisely staged a math teacher who stripped the casinos of Vegas with his students:

It is therefore important to establish a basic strategy, which is based on simple and easily assimilated bases, which we summarize below.¬†Depending on your cards and the dealer’s open card, you can make 5 decisions:

# 1 – Keep your cards.

# 2 – Draw a new card: if your score is 17 points or more, we advise you not to draw a new card, for the simple reason that you are more likely to burn, that is to say, to exceed the fateful score of 21. To help you, here are the odds of burning based on the total value of the cards in your hand.

Hand value Probability of burning
20 92.00%
19 85.00%
18 77.00%
17 69.00%
16 62.00%
15 58.00%
14 46.00%
13 39.00%
12 31.00%
11 or less 0.00%

# 3 – Double your bet: we recommend that you make this decision if you have a hand with an Ace and a total score between 16 and 18 because, with an additional card, you will have a better chance of approaching the famous 21 points…

# 4 – Separate the two cards received: this method, also called ” Splitter “, consists of separating the pairs. Imagine that the dealer gives you a couple of Aces and a couple of 8. These cards are stronger split and will increase your odds of hitting the score by 21 points. If you have a pair of 7s and the dealer shows you a card with a value between 1 and 6, split your pair of 7s.

# 5 – Give up.

Finally, we will add that the best approach to blackjack is to practice regularly, online.¬†In addition, it is worth stopping immediately when you get the extra money.¬†This reasonable form of gambling will keep you excited for longer, with the advantage that you won’t run out of money.

Obviously, these are only simplistic notions here that I invite you to test on a tablet application to get an idea, and if all these interest you, there is a plethora of books on the subject.

Online blackjack at live casinos

Playing live blackjack online is possible thanks to live casinos which offer real blackjack tables filmed by cameras. New technologies provide blackjack lovers with tables to play from any computer.

Thus, real blackjack tables are set up in studios in the presence of real live dealers. HD cameras broadcast live what is happening around the online blackjack table.

All live software provides online players with blackjack tables filmed in real-time from studios. Thus, technologies such as Evolution Gaming, Ezugi, Microgaming Live, Netent Live, Vivo Gaming, and so on allow Internet users to play from home on authentic blackjack tables.

We will explain everything to you about online blackjack which is a huge success with players around the world.

Live blackjack with live dealers

First, cameras film the blackjack tables and broadcast in real-time what is happening around the table with a delay of a few thousandths of a second. The croupiers present around the live blackjack tables can chat with the players quietly installed at home. Indeed, the croupiers can communicate with the players via a live chat but for that, you need to be proficient in English.

Even when the platform is completely in French in all the online casinos that we offer in our guide, the croupiers communicate in English whether it is to announce the cards or to converse with the players. The croupiers are often women from Eastern or Asian countries, depending on the software of casinos specializing in live gambling.

Admittedly, the croupiers are handpicked for their intellectual competence but also for their often advantageous plastic. Indeed, most of the croupiers in live casinos like on Lucky31 are very charming, and what could be better than playing in the company of beautiful live dealers.

The player finds himself in front of a real gaming table facing a real croupier and apart from the fact that the player cannot touch the cards or tokens, the playing conditions are similar to solid casinos.

Online Blackjack Bonuses

If you like bonuses, live gaming sites may disappoint you because bonuses are not their strong suit. Indeed, live casino bonuses offer bonuses of the order of 100% on the first deposit only, as is the case with Dublinbet Casino. Others offer cashback bonuses but this is rather rare. Thus, a percentage of the stake is credited in real money to the player’s account. Real blackjack players, especially high rollers, do not need a bonus to play blackjack just like in live casinos.

Most of the time, bonuses are not valid at live blackjack tables. Indeed, almost all casinos do not allow players of traditional live games (blackjack but also roulette and baccarat Editor’s note) to take advantage of bonuses. It is important to contact customer service to ensure that the bonuses are also valid at blackjack games.

We take this opportunity to say and repeat that the bonuses offered by online casinos impose wagering conditions before any withdrawal of winnings.

Live Dealer Tip: Play without a bonus so you can withdraw your winnings whenever you want.

Online blackjack technologies

Several online blackjack software offers tables to Internet users. Thus, it is possible to play day and night on these tables filmed in studios. The software Evolution Gaming is in our opinion the best online blackjack technology.

The game environment is exceptional as are the quality of the HD images and the speed of streaming. Indeed, Evolution Gaming’s blackjack tables are our favorites for their high-definition images and the uninterrupted broadcast (see paragraph below for the best gaming tables).

Ezugi, Betconstruct, Visionary Igaming, and Netent Live software also have an excellent range of blackjack tables just like Microgaming Live.

Blackjack on mobile: play live on iOS and Android!

If you want to play blackjack on your mobile, no worries, you’ll be fine. Indeed, thanks to the HTML5 technology mastered by most live software, you will be able to play on a large number of blackjack tables.

We recommend the¬†Evolution Gaming Blackjack Party¬†table¬†with its 2 croupiers¬†who create a superb atmosphere.¬†You can’t get bored on this gaming table.

About fifty blackjack tables, all software combined, are accessible on mobile devices, whether using iOS or Android technology. Thus, you will be able to play blackjack directly from your smartphone wherever and whenever you want.

Best Live Blackjack Tables by Live Dealers

Live blackjack tables are accessible at all of the live casinos that we offer, from studios that resemble brick-and-mortar casinos. There were live online blackjack tables from authentic Dublin casinos like the Fitzwilliam Casino and the Penthouse Casino as was the case at Casino Extra. Unfortunately, the blackjack tables are no longer available for some reason that is beyond our control.

On the other hand, there are about ten online roulette tables that are filmed live from land-based casinos. These gambling establishments are located in Great Britain, United States, Malta, Romania, and Georgia. No need to go to these authentic land-based casinos to play roulette, a simple account at Lucky31 Casino or Cresus live casino will do!

Blackjack tables for beginner players with low stakes

There are several live blackjack tables that we recommend. The first is the Blackjack Party table. It is one of our favorite blackjack tables because of its HD images and perfect streaming. Moreover, bets start at just 50 cents. Other tables like Freebet Blackjack, Infinite Blackjack, Power Blackjack allow novice players to get their hands on bets of one euro. All these tables come from Evolution Gaming software, the leader in live dealer games, and whatever the game.

Other tables like Netent Live’s Blitz Blackjack are also worth a look.

For players with a certain level, many gaming tables offer bets in the range of 15-50 euros.

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