Every Instagram content creator today is looking for ways to improve their reach and gain more followers. While posting content that is fit enough to interest your users is the prime motive of every profile, there are more things that can help improve the count of your followers. If you are a business holder or content creator on Instagram, Instagram stories should be a must in your strategy. Instagram stories are the most consumed feature of Instagram and have millions of views and uploads a day. Planning your Instagram stories can help you improve your performance on Instagram instantly. Keeping Instagram stories as a prime object in your Instagram marketing strategy can be a game changer. Here are certain practical ways to use Instagram stories to improve your follower count.

Try out templates for Instagram stories:

Having a correct design is vital to make your story look more compelling. It gets hard to think of a new design every time. Rather you can simply use a pre-designed template for your story. These templates are thoughtfully arranged to make your story look beautiful and compelling on Instagram to help you place content properly for users to access and confer easily. This helps your interested audience to reach out to you better and even improves your reach. You can check out some fun designs on easil.

Repost stories:

You might be aware about EAT, if not EAT stands for expertise, authority and trust. These three pillars are the basis to form a successful website. For you to have a loyal Instagram family you need to establish trust amidst users. People usually tag you in stories; you can always repost these stories by tagging them. This would not just establish trust amidst users but also help you gain hands on a wider set of audience. You can even promote stories of some other brands this again helps you get hands on their audience. you also download Instagram stories and then repost them as yours, especially stories that have had major views, this helps you create a similar impact on your profile. People can use Instagram downloader to download and repost Instagram stories.

Place your stories on highlights:

Stories are something that can gain you views even after they disappear. Convert your stories from short period content to a long period content to stay on your profile as highlights. Whenever someone visits your profile they are sure to move through your Instagram stories. Properly arranging each highlight with self explanatory captions helps viewers get what they want easily. for example place all stories related to offers under 1 highlight. A properly arranged and complete is as it is vital to improve reach on Instagram.

Collaborate with influencers:

Influencers enjoy huge attention today. People treat them like any other celebrity. Getting influencers to mention you in their stories or host live with you helps the audience build trust in you. You can also send these artists your products and ask them to upload a review on their profile.

Have an Instagram strategy for stories:

Anything that you are working on requires a strategy to be successful. You cannot just randomly post Instagram stories, you need a plan for the type and kind of story that you will be posting. How do you plan this? use Instagram analytics from settings on your profile and view what kind of content on your profile masked maximum views and at what time was your audience maximum active. Then try posting content at this hour and content of this type more.