Fri. Jul 12th, 2024
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The shopping mood that is inseparable from the holidays is kicking in, and eCommerce is poised to grow significantly. Since the pandemic, online sales have been more effective than ever.

When most of your customers order your stuff online, it will most likely be boxed with other packages that they ordered. This may compromise the unboxing experience that you may have worked on.

What’s more, if the other packages have certain aspects that give them an edge over yours, your brand won’t look so appealing anymore. Bear in mind that some of these other packages could be from your competitors.

Therefore, we’ve analyzed the ways in which you can optimize your packaging for a better impression and customer satisfaction. Here is how you boost the image of your brand and your revenues.

Taking a Cue from Brick-and-Mortar Retail

Brick-and-mortar stores have the advantage of being able to provide a personal experience to each customer. You will find stylish storefronts and other physical aspects, such as in-store music. This is difficult for e-commerce establishments to compete with.

On the other hand, eCommerce focuses on being minimalistic and limiting the overall costs. However, having excellent virtual customer support, web design, and a fast site doesn’t make it easy to match the quality of a face-to-face buyer-seller interaction.

In fact, apart from a landing page or confirmation email, eCommerce businesses have very limited avenues for showing the proactive customer service typical of a store. This limits the businesses to the impression the product will make on them once it arrives. So, how do you take advantage of this part of the transaction? You do it by…

Designing Impressive E-Commerce Packaging

It is obvious just how much the quality of packaging affects customer satisfaction. The design, shape, and texture of packaging take businesses a lot of time to devise. But how do you know whether your packaging meets the highest of standards? Excellent packaging must have the following elements:

  1. Branded Design

By adding exotic colors, utilizing holiday-themed patterns, or printing some message on your packaging, you can change your customers’ perception of your products significantly.

Attractive printed packaging helps market your brand too with influencers and on social media. Unboxing images and videos are shared all over the internet, and if your packaging is really impressive, it is bound to catch some eyes. Adding some subtle touches to your packaging design can make a massive difference in highlighting the quality of your actual products.

  1. Quality Materials

Your packaging should appeal to your customer’s other senses (apart from sight) too. As your customers open your packaging, how it feels to the touch can influence the customer experience. Brick-and-mortar establishments let customers touch products before purchase. Since eCommerce stores lack this option, the physical interaction with packaging is where they can get some leverage.

While it might be difficult to oversee the entire packaging process, sellers can coordinate with reliable suppliers with quality assurance measures in place. Your customers will then have unforgettable unboxing experiences that show just how much thought you’ve put into it.

What’s more, top-quality packaging material means better product protection during transit.

Are You Ready to Design Your Packaging?

You should start by brainstorming with your team on the material and visual elements that should go on your packaging. When you know what you want, just contact a top label printing company to get it over the line. You can ask about the different solutions they have for designs and digital printing and even their advice if you need any.

When you’re ready, design your packaging and give your eCommerce business what it needs.