Thu. Jun 20th, 2024

Obtaining the proper coverage as Uber drivers is hardly as difficult as many people believe.

Uber insurance in the UK isn’t as simple as a phone app – you’ll need a private hire coverage, but in today’s competitive insurance market, it’s very easy to arrange. This guide provides a straightforward overview as to what novice Uber drivers should know regarding Uber insurance.

Uber Insurance: What You Should Know 

Uber drivers in the United Kingdom must have private hire insurance. According to insurance firms, Uber drivers are like private hire cab drivers and hence require the very same level of protection.

  • It is your obligation to ensure that you have adequate insurance, and failure to do so may result in prosecution.
  • You cannot work as an Uber driver with ordinary vehicle insurance, even if you have a ‘business use’ policy.
  • In the United Kingdom, you should have insurance that includes hire and reward when you are paid to give someone a ride. This includes taxis, chauffeurs, ride-sharing services, and Uber, as well as anyone who makes money by carrying passengers.
  • Uber does not own your car and is not obligated to insure it.
  • It makes absolutely no difference regarding your Uber insurance requirements whether you are a full-time or part-time Uber driver.

What you will need to become an Uber driver

There are indeed a few fundamental prerequisites to become an Uber driver within United Kingdom, some of which Uber will assist you with.

  • A valid UK driving licence
  • 21 years of age or older
  • Vehicles must be no older than 2008
  • Insurance for private hire
  • A private hire licence issued by your local authority
  • *Not all municipalities support Uber licences.
  • Driving expertise
  • *This varies based on where you work. 

Money saving Tips on Uber Insurance

There are methods to save cost on Uber insurance UK, similar to any insurance policy. Remember to be honest with your insurers and tell them everything, otherwise you risk having your policy invalidated. It also pays to shop for Uber insurance.

You can save money on uber insurance by following the tips below considering your car and you.

Avoid alterations.

Any non-standard alterations to your vehicle’s performance or look will raise the cost of your insurance.


Inform your insurers of any additional security features in your vehicle, such as alarms, Surveillance cameras, tracking system, or immobiliser.


Based on your driving periods and habits, adding a black box or telematics app could lower your premiums.

Driving experience and age

Insurance costs much less for senior, more experienced drivers than for young, inexperienced drivers or someone with a driving conviction.

Hours are limited.

If you just drive for Uber on occasion or at specific times, inform your insurance, and they may change your premium accordingly.

Policy on limited mileage

This could be handy, however don’t underestimate your miles or you’ll lose your insurance.


Is Uber coverage more costly?

Yes, since the risk is higher, a private rental policy is more costly than traditional vehicle coverage. This is due to the fact that as an Uber driver, you will be driving more miles, maybe at odd hours and in crowded locations.

Is Uber insurance valid for passenger liability?

Yes, private hire insurance includes passenger liability; however it only covers passengers while they are in your car. As a result, many Uber drivers opt for public liability insurance as well, in case of claims stemming from injury or damage to any citizen of the general public or their property.