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Skip hire in Chorley is a fuss-free and affordable waste solution. 

Skips are eco-friendly, easy to organise and available in a wide range of sizes. But how safe are they?

Although skips are kept stationary during the hire period, you do have to be careful when using one. 

Keep reading for a few tips and tricks on how to stay safe while using a skip. 

Never overfill

With UK weather being so unpredictable, there’s always a risk of bits and bobs flying out of your skip and down the street. But how do you prevent that from happening?

By making sure the contents of your skip never go above the sidewalls, you won’t have to worry about your old garden furniture or parts of your bed frame being dragged down the street by the wind. 

This also limits the potential for damage around you – if any bricks or heavy items get out, they could cause injury to passers-by and damage to cars. 

If you fill up your skip quicker than you initially thought, simply call the skip provider and see if they can pick it up early or deliver an empty one for you – be aware that this will depend on their availability. 

Be aware of what you can put in your skip 

With skip hire in Chorley (or any skip company for that matter), there are strict rules you must follow. 

The items you can’t put in a skip are: 

  • Electrical equipment 
  • Gas cylinders 
  • Asbestos 
  • Batteries 
  • Solvents 
  • Fuel
  • Liquids
  • Paint
  • Medical waste 
  • Tyres 
  • Plasterboard 
  • Mattresses
  • Glass

If you have any of these items you want to get rid of but aren’t sure how to go about it, get in touch with a specialist who can offer some guidance. This limits environmental damage and any risk to your neighbours, as well as making sure you’re in line with waste management guidelines. 

If you have any queries about what you can and can’t put in your skip during your hire, get in touch with your chosen company. They’ll talk you through all you need to know about their current regulations. 

Be careful!

Last but certainly not least, be careful. 

Putting large and heavy items in a skip can be a dangerous job, so it’s vital you think about how you load your rubbish. 

Make sure you put the heaviest and biggest items in first to make things easier later down the line. Wherever you can, break up things like bed frames and wardrobes to ensure you’re making the most out of your skip – otherwise, you’ll be playing a game of skip Jenga. 

Get your skip today! 

With so many skip companies it’s hard to know which one is right for you. If you’re on the lookout for skip hire in Chorley, take a look at Leyland Skip Hire – a friendly and local service that never disappoints. 

Simply call them on 01772 957 509 or book your skip online today for next day delivery (dependent on availability).

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