The first date with a woman you like is often a stressful thing for every man. For him, this is an opportunity and a chance to charm a girl, win her heart, make her want to meet with him again.

The most important thing is to find some working conversation starters. Most often, men have to try to make the first, successful move (this is especially true for Russian, Latina, and Ukrainian dating, because these girls love it when men take the initiative; thus, they can understand if a man likes them).

Here, we’re gonna list the top conversation starters that will help you break the ice and start an interesting talk with a girl you like!

How to start a dating conversation

“Tell me the truth”

Such a game can be an exciting way to start a talk with a lady you like. The main point is that you take turns asking each other questions and honestly answering them. It is quite exciting, helps you quickly build trust, and makes the conversation more emotional. During the talk, try to find out the information you need, but do not forget that no girl will completely open up to you on a first date!

“Everyone talks about it”

There are some customary topics that allow you to start a fascinating talk and allow you to quickly get to know each other better. Music and movies, hobbies and leisure, drinks and food, childhood memories, sports, travel, relationships — all people talk about these things!

But don’t turn a potentially lively conversation into a boring interview. When talking about movies, ask what role she would like to play if given the chance. Where would she like to live if she could point her finger at any place on the map?

Check out these questions that can help you start an exciting conversation:

  • Do you like equality in relationships or do you think someone should dominate?
  • Tell me about the book that made the biggest impression on you…
  • If you were to make a film about your life, what name would you give to it?
  • What movie heroine do you associate yourself with and why?
  • What historical figure would you like to talk to?
  • What character traits do you value most in men? What about women?

Remember that you have to tell the truth, too: this is very important if you, for example, chat with Ukrainian women — these girls are very insightful!

“Just in case…”

Even outstanding speakers can have that awkward moment when a pause in the conversation suddenly occurs. In this case, have at least five amusing stories that you can tell the girl you like. You can always start a story with the magic “By the way, …” phrase.

“The right questions”

Modern men are quite emotional and talkative. But to get to know the girl better, you have to stop talking about yourself and start asking her the right questions. Choose questions that cannot be answered in monosyllables (“yes”, “no”) and in syllables (“OK”).

Otherwise, you will have to constantly ask, and the conversation will turn into an interrogation.

Check it out:

  • Incorrect: “Do you like…?”
  • Right: “Why do you like…?” and so on.  

“Promote yourself!”

Just tell the girl stories that “promote” you, show you to the best advantage, and demonstrate your best qualities. It should be something like “I was once at a business conference and witnessed such an amusing story…”, or “The coffee is quite good, but it is nothing compared to one I had in one Italian coffee shop in Milan…”.

Try to speak calmly, with no snobbish attitude, ‘cause you may push her away.

“The miracle of touch”

Remember: on a date, you need to sit next to the girl! This will allow you, as if by chance, to touch her, and this is very important to make her feel safe with you and show her that you like her.

The combination of two levels, verbal and kinesthetic, gives an amazing result! Talk to her and touch her simultaneously. However, you must touch her correctly: start doing it gently right on a first date — shake off an invisible speck of dust, remove a fallen eyelash.