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Is your slow DeSmuME emulator driving you out of your mind?

Don’t start searching for a replacement just yet. Here are a few tips and tricks to try that just might speed up your DeSmuME and help you put off a costly purchase. Several factors contribute to the speed at which your DeSmuME is able to run programs.

Unlike a PC, making your DeSmuME emulator faster is not as simple as clearing your memory by deleting unnecessary data. DeSmuME is designed for compatibility with games rather than enhancing the gaming experience with specs you would only see in a gaming rig. There’s so much you can do to speed up your DeSmuME emulator.

Avoid BIOS Images

BIOS images can change how your emulator is performing. It optimizes its codes on your PC to allow your processing unit to do a better job at adapting to your OS. The ideal result should be enhanced performance for your PC by improving the game’s frame rate rendering, but this is not always the case in older titles.

Adjusting BIOS images settings for your emulator can help make it run better and more efficiently. That means turning off the feature you generally don’t need that may even cause additional performance problems. If your computer is working perfectly, you probably should consider configuring BIOS.

It’s always a good idea to avoid running BIOS images on your emulator since they can impact the speed rather than optimize it. The best thing to do is to block your emulator from loading such images as soon as you download DeSmuME. Allow“Fix DealyLoop SWI” when you need to use the BIOS image feature on your DeSmuME emulator.

Adjust Sound Setting

How the sound settings are set for your DeSmuME emulator might not be all that important for you, but why settle for less? The sound drivers are also a course of concern when your emulator’s speed is running slower than expected.With a few adjustments here and there, you can improve your emulator’s performance quality.

Even though these settings are unlikely to increase the processing speed of the DeSmuME under some circumstances, it’s always a good idea to seal all the loopholes and ensure everything is running within the proper resolutions. You can do things such as change sound effects, disable sound enhancement features, or modify application sounds, and more.

Step1: Go to “Sound Settings” and choose “Double SPU”.

Step 2: Select the “Advanced SPU Logic” option and switch “Interjection” to none.

Enable Frame Skipping

While frame skipping is something unimaginable when playing modern titles, the opposite is the case from retro gaming. In fact, frame skipping is considered a safe bet in increasing the speed of your DeSmuME emulator faster. Unfortunately, frame skipping also affects the expanding velocity of the emulator.

Step1: Go to “Devices” and select “Frame Skip.” A drop-down menu will appear, allowing you customize the emulator frame rendering.

Step 2: You can select from “1-9” where a frame skipping rate of between “1-3” will improve the speed drastically without a noticeable effect on gameplay. Rates from “4” to “9” are a lot harsher to frame rendering. The higher the number, the faster your emulator will become.

Final Word

If you are experiencing issues loading games on your DeSmuME emulator or simply dealing with the slow performance, then it usually takes some minor tweaks to make it run more efficiently. Make sure to double-check to see if there are some settings causing lags or slowing speed. After that, you can look into what else might be causing the performance issues.

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