Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

Machine Learning is one of the skills that are in very high demand nowadays. With the increase in the adoption of data-driven business strategies and the need to leverage humongous volumes of data in a fast real-time environment, ML has emerged to be the most important tech skill. Interestingly candidates seeking a career in Data Science and Data Analytics are by default needed to acquire command over AI and ML owing to its massive importance in the field. Any career advisor would advise students who are seeking a good career or professionals who are seeking to switch to a better option to upskill with Machine Learning, given the huge demand across the globe and given the perks associated with the skill.

Payscale, a trusted US-based job portal reports that the global average salary for individuals skilled in ML is $112,709. In India, Glassdoor reports that an ML expert earns close to Rs 9 Lakhs on average. Not only astonishing salary figures but also good job security and a chance to work for the best is how ML is viewed now. No matter which field intrigues you the most, be it medicine, defense, environment, finance, etc. you will find a good-paying and secure job provided you have acquired good command over the field of ML.

However, acquiring proficiency in ML requires learning from the best and you should be looking for the best machine learning course for beginners or if you are a little experienced then the best ML certification course. Following the industry demand, many across the globe are seeking the best ML course, however, there are few rare institutions in India capable enough to teach candidates the tricks of ML and guide them all in the right direction. Let us see how to define the best ML course and how to look for one in India:

Starting from the Scratch!
Before you start your journey to learn ML; you must understand that the basic concepts of ML draw heavily from certain mathematical concepts. Thus, grasping those mathematical concepts will immensely help you in understanding ML faster. Hence, the best Machine learning course for beginners must contain enough lectures or study materials dedicated to mathematical concepts like Linear Algebra, Analytical Geometry, Matrix Decomposition, Vector Calculus, Probability and Distribution, and Advanced Statistics. 

If you are a beginner then you must focus on the above mathematical concepts before moving on to more complex Machine Learning algorithms and features. Hence, you should look for joining the course that teaches you those mathematical concepts. 

Use of Open-Source Resources!

Market survey on the various industries utilizing Machine Learning shows that most use open-source resources to adopt and implement ML. Even a brief overview of the different existing AI and ML forums also proves the fact that open-source programming languages like Python and R and open-source libraries associated with Python and R are used or utilized by almost everyone in the ML world. 

For instance, Python has emerged as the most popular programming language in the world of Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning. The libraries associated with Python are also the most used when it comes to deploying ML algorithms. Hence, the best Machine Learning course must introduce Python and show how the open-source programming language is used extensively. You must also check whether the instructors are well versed in Python or if they are using commercial packages. 

Tailor-made curriculum

The entire ML curriculum must be tailored in such a way that it meets the industry demands and is well suited for candidates from various backgrounds. For ages, the Indian education system has been more theory-based as opposed to the key requirement for companies that want candidates to have enough practical experience. Thus, the best ML course must help the students to go through multiple hands-on practical projects and real-life scenarios so that all going through the course can grasp the practical applications of Machine Learning. Without enough practical assignments and projects, no candidate can develop the level of proficiency warranted by companies that recruit ML experts. 

Another important factor for the curriculum would be accessibility. Many would pursue a Machine Learning course while working and thus, the course material should be easily accessible online and offline and deliverable on-demand. If the curriculum is self-paced then it is also very helpful for all students belonging to various backgrounds. 

Proficiency in in-demand tools!

In the ML world, you need to be proficient in the tools and techniques used by the most. Knowledge of using such sophisticated tools and techniques is extremely necessary to gain the attention of top recruiters in the industry. For instance, proficiency in Scikit Learn which is open-source software for Machine Learning in Python is a very strong skill to showcase in your CV.
Another open-source Machine Learning framework is Pytorch. It is extensively used for computer vision and Natural language processing thereby rendering it an extremely important skill to have for those who want to make it big. 

Apart from Pytorch and Scikit Learn, Keras is a very popular open-source Python-based library for Machine Learning, and proficiency or experience in Keras can help you land that dream job.

Thus, while selecting a Machine Learning course, you must check whether you will be taught Scikit learn or Pytorch or Keras!

Instructors must be engaging and must utilize out-of-the-box techniques!

The concept of Machine Learning itself is out of the box and needs revolutionary teaching techniques to make students understand it. Thus, traditional teaching techniques might not be as viable as modern techniques where instructors utilize advanced visualizations and simulate real-life problem scenarios for a better understanding of all the fundamental concepts and advanced algorithms in Machine Learning. 

Hence, you must opt for the course whose instructors are well adept at using modern techniques and carry enough in-depth industry knowledge to impart the students with all the required knowledge to understand Machine Learning. 

Rating and Reviews!

One very important factor in determining the best course is to check the ratings and reviews from multiple aggregators and neutral forums. The best institution with the best course should be rated extremely well and should carry good review statements from the alumni. The placement success rate should also be very high given the fact that there exist many institutions online and offline offering ML courses but not all have a hundred percent success rate when it comes to placement. 

Following the above points will definitely help you select the best machine learning course for beginners. If you have decided on a career in Machine Learning then you have taken the best possible career decision, given the high-paying, luxurious perks and future-proof nature of the jobs available in the field. Moreover, this is perhaps the best time to acquire ML skills in India as the market is in a continuous growing mode, and India eyes a five trillion-dollar economy within 2026. However, selecting the perfect course is going to play an extremely important role in your journey to becoming a successful ML expert. Machine Learning is changing the way we see the world and you can become a part of it too by joining the best machine learning course!