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How to Securely Backup VMware Virtual Machines for FreeHow to Securely Backup VMware Virtual Machines for Free

It’s risky to run all workloads on virtual machine without backup. Any human errors or natural disaster may result in irreversible damage to your VMware virtual machines, and you can’t predict what will happen to your VMs in the next second. As a result, you need a reliable free vmware backup solution that protect your virtual machine data from security threats.

Free Solution for VMware ESXi Backup

VMware does have some built-in functions for data protection. For example, you can take snapshots, copy virtual machine disk files or export virtual machines as OVF templates. Among them, snapshots cannot replace backup because snapshot is dependent on the parent disk. If the parent disk is deleted or the virtual or physical infrastructure fails, the snapshot itself is not sufficient to restore the entire VM. The other methods may help you protect 1 or 2 devices of a small business, but if you have more virtual machines or you want to perform the backup frequently, you will find it’s troublesome to repeat the same operation on each VM manually.

If you are looking for a better solution with centralized backup and management, you may consider using an efficient and free VMware backup software – AOMEI Cyber Backup. It could be an ideal choice to create independent VMware backups for long-term data protection.

Compared with the built-in utilities, it enables you to add virtual machines into the central console without installing Agent, and offers flexible backup strategies to safeguard your VMware environment without human interruption. With it, you can easily backup multiple VMware virtual machines automatically instead of repetitive manual operations, and it reduces business downtime by backing up virtual machines while running.

Besides, AOMEI Cyber Backup supports ESXi 6.0-7.0 version (as well as Hyper-V 2012 and above) and works for all size of business such as electricity, manufacturing, retailing and IT service providers. It can completely backup entire virtual machine including OS, configuration, application, personal data and system state.

With the backup in hand, when a virtual machine cannot boot or system crashes suddenly, you can quickly restore it to a backed-up history version. Now I will show you how to make a backup with it.

How to Backup VMware ESXi Step by Step?

After downloading AOMEI Cyber Backup, you will see its intuitive and click-based interface, which allows you to perform VMware backup and recovery without expertise.

To get started, you need to bind your VMware ESXi device to AOMEI Cyber Backup first, then create and manage VM backups from the central console without installing an agent on each VM.

Here I’ll introduce its basic operation to backup multiple VMware ESXi virtual machines securely.

  • Navigate to Backup Task and choose Create New Task to open a new wizard, then start creating your VMware backup solution.
  • Name the backup task and select VMware ESXi Backup. It can also perform Hyper-V Backup as well.
  • Select the bound VMware device and choose virtual machines you want to backup.
  • Select a destination to store the virtual machine backups. You can choose a local folder or enter valid network path as storage.
  • Click Schedule to set up a full/incremental/differential VM backup on basis of Daily/Weekly/Monthly. Then Start Backup.

After scheduling VMware VM backups, it will run the backup task regularly. Then you are able to restore VM from any point. With the comprehensive VMware backup solution, it can always secure your VMware environment and reduce business risk.


To protect your VMware virtual machines, you could back up them regularly, and the steps are shared in this article. With the help of free VM backup software, you can easily create and manage VMware backups. Auto backup will protect your VMware workloads continuously, and allows you to restore VM quickly once the accidental events happen. If you want a secure Hyper-V backup solution, you could also try this software.

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