Sun. May 19th, 2024

If you want to start an online business, the first thing you need to do is secure your data, application, and website. because there is a massive amount of internet traffic. While some of it is the positive traffic you want, there is also the chance that spammers and online criminals will attempt to access your website.

As a result, you require a method to filter out internet traffic. to bring you the traffic you want and to filter out spammers. This is the rationale behind choosing ALSCO.

We’ll discuss ALSCO, its trade name (Secure Gateway), and how ALSCO can help you protect your online information in this article.

Introduction to ALSCO

ALSCO is a privately held firm that is dedicated to giving governmental entities, companies. And organizations all around the world top-notch information technology services, technical support, and solutions. Since 2007, ALSCO has served a diverse clientele, including the government and companies of all sizes. From well-established international organizations to new, start-up companies, with its IT support, specialized software solutions, and cloud online services.

ALSCO has made a name for itself as a market leader in the managed service provider sector and a top-tier software and web solution provider.

The ALSCO Team is made up of people with a variety of backgrounds in both education and experience. System and software engineers, technical project managers, designers, database and integration experts, and Microsoft-certified professionals are some of these individuals. ALSCO derives tremendous satisfaction from its ability to provide enterprises, governments. And other organizations with a complete solution and a single point of contact for all of their technology needs.

Secure Gateway is an ALSCO product that monitors and assesses each request made to your application and only delivers you legitimate traffic. The following explanation of Secure Gateway covers everything.

Secure Gateway By ALSCO

ALSCO created Secure Gateway, and they are the trademark owner. Secure Gateway eliminates malicious and spammy requests while allowing legitimate visitors to your website. Every request made to your website is identified and examined, which lessens server load and improves website security and speed.

A global trademark for Secure Gateway technology has been filed with the USPTO under registration numbers 5899344 and 6079175. Additionally, the NTA (Network Traffic Analysis) technology, also known as Secure Gateway technology, has been registered as a global patent under the registration numbers 10498760 and 10630721, respectively.

What is the Process of Secure Gateway?

This is how it goes:

  • Secure Gateway controls all incoming requests through central servers known as Secure Gateway to preserve information and data security by using Network Traffic Analysis (NTA).
  • The requests are then evaluated, and via the servers that make up the Secure Gateway. They are subsequently sent on to the actual host servers of the e-system (your website).
  • The queries will be examined by NTA technology once they have gone via Secure Gateway servers. The requests will then be reviewed after this analysis and separated into two groups: legitimate requests and phishing requests.
  • On the servers that make up the Secure Gateway, phishing queries are kept separate. Only legitimate inquiries are transmitted to the electronic system’s host servers.

At that point, visitors won’t be able to find the actual hosting servers’ locations or access the data those servers contain without first going through the Secure Gateway servers. Only the Secure Gateway servers, not the users directly, will make requests for the real servers’ services.

Last Words

Hopefully, you now completely understand who ALSCO is, what Secure Gateway is, and how it functions. ALSCO is committed to improving the quality of life for its clients by offering them a productivity-boosting solution. Simply go to ALSCO to secure your network and online business.