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With nearly 1.5 billion monthly active users, Instagram is the ideal platform for influencers and businesses to build their social media presence and increase brand awareness.

It’s helpful not only to post content but also to communicate with Instagram users, and this naturally makes the direct message feature platform’s prime communication tool.

But not everyone knows how to reply to a message on Instagram or how to use its features effectively.

Below, we detailed everything you need to know while communicating with Instagram users, either in a personal message or a group chat.

Read on to find out more about how to reply to a message on Instagram!

How To Update Instagram’s Messaging Feature

Whether you’re an Android or iOS user, to reply to Instagram direct messages or send someone a message on Instagram, you need to update messaging tools.

How To Update the Instagram Messenger Features

To update the Instagram Direct feature, follow the steps:

  • Open Instagram app on your device and log into your Instagram account.
  • Tap Instagram Settings and then the Update Messaging option.
  • Confirm the action by tapping on Update.

Reminder! Upon updating Instagram’s Messenger features, you can’t switch back to direct messaging. 

Is the Messenger icon located in the upper right corner now? Then, you successfully updated messaging features.

Why Should I Use New Messaging Tools on Instagram

Since Facebook acquired Instagram, it has incorporated some of its features, such as Messenger.

Inherently, it came with benefits.

Introducing cross-app messaging between Instagram and Messenger

The new Instagram feature, cross-app messaging, enables users to send messages to their Facebook Messenger contacts from Instagram and vice versa.

Colorful chat themes

The new feature also allows users to customize the themes of their direct messages.

Custom emoji reactions

By using the new feature, you can leave custom emoji reactions on a particular message on Instagram.

Animated message effects

Instagram offers four animated message effects to enhance the messaging experience in the app.

Celebration, Flying hearts, Gift box, and Fire effects.

Vanish mode

Vanish mode enables specific messages to disappear once a user leaves the individual or group chat.

Browse and chat

It’s possible to send an Instagram direct message to another user while browsing through the Instagram feed.

Tap on the paper airplane icon at the bottom of the post and send a specific message to your friend.

How To Reply To a Message on Instagram App

The Instagram app has been downloaded 3.8 billion times since it launched in October 2010.

These statistics alone are enough to prove most users prefer the app over the desktop version.

Thus, most interactions happen on the Instagram app, and if you’re one of them, you might wonder how to reply to a message on Instagram using your mobile device.

Here is how:

How To Reply To a Message on Instagram App Using An Android Device

In the case of using an Android device, replying to a specific message in Instagram is only possible if you update the app.

After you update the messaging feature:

  • Tap on the messages icon to access messages in a private or group conversation.
  • Select the Instagram DM you want to reply to.
  • Write your reply to the text input box or send a voice message.
  • Tap on the arrow icon to send it.

How To Reply To a Message on Instagram App Using An iOS Device

Similarly to Android devices, to be able to reply to a message on Instagram app, you need to update the messages feature.

After you update it:

  • Navigate to your Instagram DM by tapping on the Messenger icon.
  • Access messages in a private or group discussion.
  • Write your response to the text input box or send a voice message.

How To Reply To a Message on Instagram’s Desktop Version

There are three ways to check Instagram messages on the desktop version.

  1. Using Third-party Tools to Message In Instagram

The majority of businesses that actively use Instagram prefer third-party tools to operate the direct messaging feature.

  1. Using The Website For Instagram Messages

After the update in 2020, Instagram enabled users to view and respond directly to messages on the Instagram website.

  1. Using Instagram For Windows

Only available for Windows 10 so far, it’s possible to use this app to message replies on the desktop.

How To Reply To a Specific Instagram Message

A quoted, specific message can make long conversations meaningful and less confusing.

Here’s how to do that:

How To Reply To a Specific Instagram Message In DM

If you want to respond to a particular message on Instagram:

On Android:

  • Tap on the Messenger icon for Instagram messages.
  • Choose the message box to open the conversation.
  • Swipe to the left once you tap on the selected message,
  • Type your reply to a message once it appears above the text box.

On iOS:

  • For text messages, tap the Messenger icon.
  • Press on the original message until three options appear.
  • Type your reply once the selected message appears above the text input box.

How to Reply To a Specific Message In The Instagram Group Chat

Within large group chats, you can respond to individual messages sent by a particular sender.

Use the same steps in the direct message version after choosing a specific message in the chat.

Why Can’t I Reply To a Specific Message On Instagram

Unless the feature is unavailable in your location, for now, you might need to update the app manually to reply to a specific message on Instagram. Or, you can try enabling automatic updates to keep up with DM interface changes.

After you update messaging, if it still doesn’t work, try deleting and re-installing the Instagram app.

Wrap Up

If you have Instagram installed and a specific message request waiting for your response, now you know everything about Instagram’s messaging interface.

Open Instagram and reply to all the Instagram direct messages that you have saved until now. Good luck!

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