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In the past, people did not have color cameras and this gadget was not common. However, currently, everyone has a color camera available and he can easily capture the click with the help of it. Nevertheless, we have old photos in our library. 

Most of them have been captured by black and white cameras. Thus, to colorize them, it is necessary to have some awareness of colors. But you cannot do this manually, the help of some expert arises here. Thus, to help the people with this issue, we bring a solution to all types of editing. The name of the tool is Imgkits; this is an online portal available where the users can upload their colorless photos and give them colors by using the photo colorizer option of Imgkits.

Photo colorizer is an amazing feature of Imgkits because it will give colors to your picture. In addition to this, Imgkits used artificial intelligence and other latest technologies to fill colors in the pictures. There are various other editing tools also available but they ask you to fill the colors manually. In contrast with this, the photo colorizer tool of Imgkits performs the task automatically. 

It is pertinent to mention here that Imgkits used the latest technology of AI for this purpose. On the other hand, the process of photo colorization on Imgkits is very simple and fast. It will not take more than 2 to 3 seconds to complete the job. Nevertheless, fast internet speed can produce better results for you. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to all users explore the photo colorizer tool of Imgkits to fill the colors in the photos of ancestors.

Imgkits and tools:

As mentioned earlier in detail regarding the Imgkits; this is an online website where the user can perform multi editing tasks. Additionally, the website is way better than many competitors since this is free and never asks the user to input anything. Instead of this, Imgkits only asked for a photo to upload and process the request of various editing. Similarly, the following are the few features of Imgkits with brief details.

Watermark remover:

We all have unwanted watermarks on the photos and intended to delete them but due to the absence of technical support, we cannot perform the task. Imgkits is here to bail you out from this scenario because it can remove the watermark from the photos in just 2 clicks.

Image enlarger:

Enlarging the image without losing the resolution and quality of the photo is an impossible task. Likewise, most of the editing services enlarged the photo but could not manage the quality. In distinction with this, Imgkits enlarge and upscale the photo without affecting the quality. It updates the quality of photos that can be used for e-commerce business.

Photo Colorizer:

As we discussed the importance of photo colorizer in the early part of the article. It is necessary to fill colors in the old photos of ancestors to check out the lifestyle. Moreover, Imgkits can give colors in the photo with the assistance of artificial intelligence. It is important to note here that a photo colorizer is one of the best options that Imgkits have. Other necessary details and the process of photo colorizer are given in the following lines.

Improve skin in photos:

Due to certain medical issues, pimples and dog spots appear on our faces and if we have a picture with these spots; we never want to upload it on social media. Thus, here we need help from some source. Imgkits perform this job also and remove the unwanted spots and pimples from the face by bringing the natural effects on the face.

Above are the few specifications of Imgkits but the services are not limited to these only. There are several other features also that Imgkits perform. All services are freely available since Imgkits does not charge a single penny for services. Photo colorizer is one of the vital tasks of Imgkits and it brings the colors with intelligence.

How to repair and colorize old photos:

We explained the details of the process of photo colorizer and repair of old photos early. We again reiterate that you will find it very comfortable and user-friendly. To cut it short, the following is the step-by-step guide for the photo colorizer and repairing.

  • Go on the website of Imgkits.
  • Straight away, move to the option of photo colorizer to process the request.
  • Here you will find a button named “Upload Image”, upload the desired photo by clicking on it.
  • Afterward, Imgkits will ask you to browse from the system and select photos for photo colorization.
  • Immediately after clicking, Imgkits will process the requests in not more than 2 seconds and convert the colorless picture into colors.
  • You can download it on your system by clicking on the Download option.

Above is the whole process, it will not take more than 2 seconds to finish the job. As we mentioned prior, you do not have to go anywhere or choose an option. The request for a photo colorizer will be done by Imgkits itself. In most cases, it has been observed that the system asks you to select the colors or fill them manually. Nonetheless, in the case of Imgkits, the website never asks for an entry like this. This is one of the reasons why we prefer Imgkits for photo colorizer over other rivals. The process of repairing the old photo is astonishing for beginners because there is no other competitor who can perform the job with that much pace and accuracy.


Imgkits is one of the most reliable names in the sector of editing. There are plenty of options available for editing but the way of Imgkits is wonderful. Every positive thing we find here and there is no negative aspect of this website. 

In addition to this, the photo colorizer feature of Imgkits is amazing and via this tool, you can repair the old photos of ancestors. It fills the colors and removes the small damages of the photo with the assistance of artificial intelligence. The services of the website are not limited to the photo colorizer, there are various other options also available but in this article, we focused on the photo colorizer.

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