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Being a delivery driver, you are responsible for transporting goods and packages to a personal or business address. When applying for this job position, you need to highlight your best skills on your resume. Now, it’s pretty difficult to decide exactly which skills you should highlight and how to write the entire resume to grab the attention of employers.

But, don’t worry since we are going to talk about delivery driver resume writing in the below section. Whether it is about highlighting key skills or adding certifications, we are going to guide you throughout the entire process.

Delivery Drivers – The Basics

Delivery drivers collect goods or other items and transport them safely to their destinations. The items delivery drivers carry can be various – ranging from furniture to food.

Delivery Drivers’ Responsibilities

Professional delivery drivers are trusted with the following responsibilities –

  • Loading and delivering items to specific destinations safely on time
  • Establishing and maintaining good relationships with customers
  • Reviewing and verifying invoices to ensure accuracy
  • Ensuring safely loading and unloading of items
  • Providing professional customer service and answering their questions
  • Adhering to transportation laws and driving safely on the road
  • Preparing and submitting delivery reports and other documents 

When writing your resume for the mentioned post, consider these responsibilities and focus on the specific skills that match the job expectations.

How to Build a Good Delivery Driver Resume

Job seekers who want to apply for the post of delivery driver need a driver’s license and a clean driving record. Also, they are expected to be familiar with the local routes. You are just the right candidate for this post if your skills match these. Now, make sure that you have a concise and effective resume that showcases your skills and capabilities and make you a deserving candidate for the hiring manager. Here, we are going to talk about a few steps to build a killer delivery driver resume.

Step 1 – Mention Your Name and Share Contact Details

The first step involves writing your name and sharing your contact details like mail id, phone no, etc. Make sure you share accurate details without making any spelling mistakes. Also, choosing the right font is important.

Step 2 – Write a Summary

This is where you talk about your experience, skills, and achievements. Don’t forget to mention your best skills here. When applying for a delivery driver post, you can talk about your safety skill, time management skills, and your work experience – about how you managed to collect and transport items safely within the stipulated time.

Step 3 – Talk About Your Work Experience

Here you can talk about your work experience and share details like the name of the companies you worked for, your joining date, the date when you left, your job role, etc. Make sure you mention the responsibilities you were trusted with and how you handled your work successfully.

Step 4 – Focus on Key Skills

Mention all the relevant skills and highlight them properly on your resume. Being a delivery driver, you can talk about the following skills – having a valid driver’s license, knowledge about the local routes, being capable of using GPS and navigation apps, having a good driving record, punctuality, communication skill, logistic knowledge, etc.

Step 5 – Talk About Educational Background

The fifth step is all about educational background. Mention the names of your college or high school here.

Also, you can talk about your achievements and list down your certifications on your resume. All these will help you build an effective resume.

Resume Writing Tips for Delivery Drivers

Here are some tips on delivery driver resume writing –

  • Add keywords to your resume from the job posting
  • Build a resume that is clear, simple, and easy to read
  • Use a professional font style and accurate font size
  • Use active verbs and write everything properly
  • Proofread and make necessary edits

Finally, your delivery driver resume is ready. Hopefully, you have found the above tips useful. However, if you still have any confusion and questions, consider checking the best resume examples. Your resume should be perfectly written and easy to read. Summarise all your key skills and accomplishments and focus on your professional experience when writing an effective resume.

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